Don't Get Distracted By The "Big Story"

Monday, July 6, 2009

There are a lot of problems facing our country, (and the world for that matter), yet I find most of us seem to find ourselves easily distracted by the "Big Story" of the day. We must be vigilant in our monitoring of what's going on in today's world of politics. Sarah Palin's resignation and Michael Jackson's death were most certainly both huge and shocking stories. However, I fear that while we focus on the headlines of the day it may well be the stories hidden in the fine print that in fact hurt us the most.

The government is taking over more of our economy. Yet all we hear about is Michael Jackson. The supporters of the government run healthcare sense victory, but so what, Sarah Palin resigned!! 27 states have seen a rise in welfare for the first time since declining 68% after welfare reform. Never mind that though because Ed McMahon is dead. Obama is about to sign another START-esque nuclear reduction even though a former russian spy who has defected to the U.S. has warned that the cold war isn't over for the Russian government. However, there will be plenty of celebrities at Michael Jackson's memorial.

The problems of our time come at us non-stop and it's tiring work keeping up with it. Make sure that as you stare in amazement at the headline of the day you don't forget about the fine print hidden underneath. Politicians and mainstream media have become masters of getting you to pay attention to one big story so you miss the other 20 stories they don't want you to see.

It's no surprise that today's politicians expect you to fall behind on the news of the day. Look at what they did with stimulus.....This is too big to read so let's just pass it anyway. Look how much is going on in the world today.....forget it, there's just too much going on so I'll just follow the story on Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Palin. All I'm hoping you'll see with this post is that you must not fall for the government's weapons of mass distraction.


P. H. Atherton said...

Excellent blog here, I'll try to keep an eye on it. TV and MSM is like a portal to an alternative reality. Bypassing and getting into true reality is a time consuming process. But those with moral clarity know it must be done. From the moment BHO was inaugurated and every time he made a feelgood speech about reaching out to those who hate the US, those who hate the US began crushing internal dissidents, launching missiles, and declaring readiness to use them. And this weakness is regarded as hip in pop culture.

Blythe said...

Love this article. I agree with you P.H. that TV and MSM are alternative reality.

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