Trouble In Paradise, Part Deux...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The latest poll numbers are out, and the verdict is in:

Barack Obama sucks.

No really. He sucks. The American people have finally realized he sucks.

According to this latest Rasmussen poll, Barack Obama now has a Passion index of -5. 32% of likely voters strongly approve of the job Obama is doing, with 37% strongly disapproving. The overall approval is 52%, with 48% disapproving and none undecided. That leaves Obama with only a +4 approval rating.

More alarming, however, are the results of this latest Quinnipiac Poll. Obama has only a 49/44 approval in Ohio, which is possibly the most important swing state.

I have a feeling that cap-and-trade has something to do with this. With many coal-producing states also being swing states, such as Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, it would seem that cap-and-trade would be having a major impact on Barack Obama's chances of reelection. The notion that cap-and-trade would further damage these states which are already in major economic trouble is certainly legitimate. These are also states where Republicans tend to be more conservative. This is unlikely to swing the Republican primaries, as all of these states, with the exception of Michigan, choose the Republican nominee very late in the primary season. It will certainly have a major effect on the general election.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the people's view of the Obama agenda.

*UPDATE* (Thursday) - Obama fell even further today, to a -8 passion index and 51/48 overall. Obviously last week's jobs numbers are playing a major effect on public perception of the Obama agenda.


P. H. Atherton said...

I sincerely hope C&T is the reason for the poll decline for BHO. In Australia the clone version of C&T is the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, poised to destroy jobs and small business. A lone Senator has begun to question the legitimacy of man-made Global Warming. Between those two points the wheels may begin to fall off this socialist agenda. We can only "hope" (to use a trademarked term).
Cheers, Patrick

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