Gone Rogue

Monday, July 6, 2009

When we first saw the true Sarah Palin attempting to break through her campaign handlers during the 2008 election, she was immediately branded with the slogan "Going Rogue". Which, like everything else between Ms Palin and the media, was completely hypocritical, seeing how they spent the first weeks after her nomination demanding that she be able to speak. To her supporters it was great, to those predisposed to despise her it was just another one liner, just another talking point in their mind not to vote for her.

On July 3rd, Governor Palin pulled the ultimate "maverick" move, by not only stating that she would not seek reelection for her office, but declaring that she would be resigning and not completing her term. Obviously the nation was stunned, heck she even stole the constant coverage of MJ's death, she wasn't supposed to do this, no one does this, what is she thinking, she is politically dead, and so many other judgments and speculations swept the nation.

But it was a speech given by Tammy Bruce on the Fourth of July at a Tea Party in AZ, that really put it all together. Just paraphrasing what she stated about Ms Palin's decision, Tammy said that Conservative Americans do not always do "what they are supposed to do", that we were not suppose to say "screw you King George" and begin the Revolution. In this respect, Sarah Palin did not do what she was supposed to do, she followed her heart to defend the state and more so the nation that she loves. As she said in a recent statement
"...it's about country"

This reminded me of and interview she gave to Larry King at the RGA following the election. King asked her if she would leave her post as Governor and run for Sen. Stevens seat if it became available.
"Larry, if they call an audible on me and they say they want me in another position... I'm gonna do it"
This got me thinking, obviously the Governor was referring to her constituents and whether or not they would want her to redirect her public service from the Governor's Office to the U.S. Senate. But with her popularity booming from SarahPAC to everyone like Rush, Levin, and Morris, to sites like Team Sarah and Conservatives4Palin, could this decision be impart her listening to the call of the people of this country, needing someone to stand up for them and take on that leadership role of being the outspoken opposition to the Obama Administration.

Whatever it was that led her to this decision, I for one will stand by her.


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