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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A blogger recently commented on some of my posts and I wanted to show it to you. Rather than just add a comment of my own I figured I'd turn my response into a post all it's own. The blogger calls them self A Voice In The Wilderness. Here's the comment:

"Thank you for this blog! The pictures of all of my favorite GOP peeps just happen to be there: Barry Goldwater. Who can forget the man that only lost to LBJ by a handful of votes? Newt Gingrich, a man who committed adultery at the time he was targeting Clinton for the same thing, but this was different; Newt did it out of passionate love for his country. Besides, my hat goes off to the man who gets away with not paying property taxes. Heck, Newt Inc. still owes the State of Missouri. He’ll get away with that too because the revenue boys like easier targets. Don’t mess with Newt, b@#&*%$# Ronald Reagan, my all-time hero! The man who opened the doors for busting those socialist unions(Don’t they know that protecting their workers from management is a mortal sin and downright unpatriotic?) In addition to creating all those minimum wage jobs, Ronnie gave us the 2nd biggest deficit in history, topped only by Baby Bush(we now have the biggest deficit ever and everybody know that it’s Obama’s fault .After all, the Republicans have been very cooperative since 2009.)

And that nice looking man in-between Goldwater and Reagan- ok, I don't know his name but I think it's William F. Buckley, TRULY one of the coolest conservatives I can remember(and I mean that.)If I’m wrong, blame it on Obama.

And who can forget my favorite favorite, that foxy lady who can’t keep her mouth shut, but that’s why we love her right? You betcha!

While I am at it, let me make a prediction of the 2012 election: Gingrich will beat Obama in a landslide. Why? Because he’s still a frisky lad at heart and likes a little action on the side. What better way to stay out of another war?

Thank you! Retorts welcome on my blog.I'll fax you a cup of coffee. :)"

Here is my retort:

Finally, someone actually tries to make an argument with more than just insults. I make no apologies for Newt's adultery but it's not fresh news and unlike Clinton, (who lied under oath about his affair), Newt has at least apologized for it. Furthermore, weren't the Clinton supporters, (which I assume you are), the ones claiming that personal matters shouldn't make a difference as it's private and none of our business? Clinton's affair wasn't an issue for me, his lying under oath was. After all, if he'll lie under oath about something that most people don't even really care about, what would he lie about that's important? It was Dick Morris, Clinton's own advisor, who points out that Clinton let Osama Bin Laden get away from us in 1998 because he was afraid that launching an attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan, (where the CIA knew he was at the time), would look like a distraction from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

As far as Newt's unpaid taxes, it was for 4 states, adding up to a bit more than a whopping $6,000. Also, those taxes have been paid.

"The tax liens ranged in size from a $195 property tax bill in the Atlanta suburbs to $1,969 in unpaid Missouri taxes. Most were paid shortly after tax authorities filed them"

In other words, Newt personally didn't know about the missed taxes, small as they were, and after it was brought to his attention the taxes were paid. That certainly pales in comparison to Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich, you know, the billionaire who avoided taxes and was given a pass by Clinton, ignore that though. If you want to play the hypocrisy game then let's play, Liberalism is based on hypocrisy so I'll win this one easy.

As far as Ronald Reagan busting the socialist unions. Damn right, unions drive up costs, hurt businesses, and screw harder workers over through tenure. Many were founded by socialists. If you still can't see the reality of power politics in regard to unions I feel bad for you, luckily though, most of the country sees through the unions game. Labor laws protect workers, union rackets only exploit them. If you don't like your job, quit, if your employer is truly mistreating workers then launch an investigation through internal company measures, (they all have them). As far as Ronald Reagan's deficit, I'll let him defend himself on this one.

"I'm convinced we must take the lead and wait no more on the Democrats for a bi-partisan approach to the deficit. They think they have a campaign issue. They've been in charge of the congress for 45 years and for 45 years they've run up deficits. Now they want to hang the present deficit on us and yet they've only given us half the spending cuts we've asked for." - Ronald Reagan March 8, 1984 Diary entry.

Now that you've lost those argument's I can't help but laugh at this comment
by you:

"(we now have the biggest deficit ever and everybody know that it’s Obama’s fault . After all, the Republicans have been very cooperative since 2009.)"

Is that supposed to be a joke? Democrats held the majority of congress throughout all of 2009 and 2010. Have you already forgotten that since the Tea Party led to a Democrat ass kicking last November? The Republicans you blame for Obama's deficit even though they had no control over the last 2 years have only been in control of the House of Representatives since January of this year. You can deflect blame from Obama all day long if it makes you feel better but it's clearly an ignorant point to try and make.

I pay almost no attention to Palin but I do think it's funny how the left attacks her for a lack of experience when she has far more political experience of Obama, and that's a fact. You also said:

"While I am at it, let me make a prediction of the 2012 election: Gingrich will beat Obama in a landslide. Why? Because he’s still a frisky lad at heart and likes a little action on the side. What better way to stay out of another war?"

Nice way to end your rant. It's worth pointing out that involving us in a third war in Libya was all Obama and was done without the consent of congress but you'll give him a pass there right? At least Bush went to congress and got people like Hillary Clinton to at least vote for the wars. Gingrich has admitted his mistakes of the past and been forgiven by his family. It's laughable to watch critics attack him for that while Clinton's wandering willy is ignored even though he was far worse. Thanks for the comment, it's been fun. Keep the coffee, you're the one falling asleep in the wilderness.


Got to Go said...

Seems like Newt has a few demons in his attic, you say he didn't know about the taxes, that doesn't seem likely, and the fact they were paid doesn't make up for the fact they weren't, just like an apology doesn't make up for adultery. Maybe the family accepts it, but it is still deceitful and if he can lie to the most intimate members of his family, I assure you he can lie to the American people. This is not in support of any other candidates, I'm sure they lie as well, but it shows that Newt does have some issues and he is not exactly a model citizen.

Brandon Edsall said...

I don't give Newt a pass on the affair. It's one of the biggest problems I have with his past, but it is his past. We will never have a perfect candidate because there's no such thing as a perfect person. Newt does have a good reputation in the last couple of years though and a long list of accomplishments and confronting issues.

Look at Obama's past and Newt looks like a saint. Politicians suck, always have, always will. I support Newt for president this time around because I think with the challenges we face he's the most knowledgable candidate with the longest history of reforms. He'll definately kick anyone's ass in a debate from the Republican or Democrat side.

Nobody has a perfect past, myself included. Politicians always act like they are perfect during campaign cycles yet Newt hasn't. I'm hoping Newt gets the nomination, picks Herman Cain for VP, makes Romney an economic advisor, and makes Ron Paul Treasury Secretary. Put people in positions where they'd be strongest, that's a Reagan philosophy about governing.

I just hope in our quest through far too many candidates we will not make the mistake of picking a bad candidate as we did with John McCain in '08. Obama must not be re-elected, that's the focus of 2012. Momentum is certainly on the side of Conservatives. Now it's up to us not to blow it.

Got to Go said...

I think Ron Paul has a very poor reputation and if his name is associated with Newt it can only hurt him. Paul has some radical ideas and Newt is better off playing to the middle class catholic vote, not sure if Ron Paul can help him there at all. Other wise, you are right, no perfect candidate, I'm not exactly thrilled with anyone who has entered their name in so far. Obama will gain some votes and momentum from the killing of Bin Laden, and it helps him that he was in charge when Osama was killed.

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