Memorial Day 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

This is in fact a slightly altered re-post of my memorial day message from 2010 for anyone who didn't see it a year ago.

Today we remember all of our heroes, past and present, for doing what so few of us have: serving our country and in many cases giving their very lives to improve the lives of so many others.

This is a day when most of America stands with our military and veterans. This day is not about a day off of work, a cookout, or an unofficial start of summer. Today we reflect on what we so often take for granted. The freedoms we get to enjoy that are missing in so many other parts of the world. The soldiers who give so much in the present and have given so much in the past to defend so many others.

Our soldier do more and have done more for total strangers than many of us have done even for family and friends. For that level of sacrifice and dedication to doing what's right to defend the defenseless and to help the helpless no thank you could ever be enough. Our support may not be enough...but at the same time our support is all our soldiers and veterans ask for.

I pray for all who have served and who are serving, thank you all. I hope everyone has a great memorial day, take care, and remember what today is really about.

You may have the day off, but to a solder serving in harm's way there's no such thing as a day off, just days that are better than others. For all of those we have lost, you are not forgotten. For all of those in danger, you are not alone. God bless our soldiers past and present. Let us never forget what others have sacrificed in order to preserve the freedom that we so often take for granted.


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