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Friday, April 2, 2010

During the week of the health care votes many companies announced layoffs etc. Even the company I work for lay-ed off several hundred workers. The layoffs were announced 2 days after the health care vote. Many companies have done so. I find it fascinating that there are so many liberals trying to make excuses even in victory.

I mentioned in my last post that in time when this health care plan doesn't work it will be blamed on Republicans. I was astounded that the other day I heard this, "this health care bill probably won't help because Obama didn't get everything he wanted."....Well then, if it won't help then why sign it? This is the beginning of blaming Republicans for this bill not being the great fix to health care that the Dem's are promising.

With regards to the layoffs announced right after the bill passed the left here are trying to claim that it has nothing to do with the bill passing. Even though in the weeks prior to the bill passing people were being cut back in hours etc. to "prevent layoffs". As soon as the bill passed it became cut backs and layoffs.

I asked what was so great about the bill and the reply I got from a die hard liberal was that, "26 year old's can stay on their parents insurance since they can't find jobs". My reply was, "I thought Obama's stimulus was working, why can't they find jobs?" He had little to say after that.

The reason is simple, he's a big stimulus and health care supporting liberal. However after that question it left him with a choice to make. Either the stimulus package is working and people are finding jobs, or the 26 year old insurance stipulation is a good thing because they can't find jobs.

"U.S. private employers cut 23,000 jobs in March, missing expectations for an increase in jobs although fewer than the adjusted 24,000 jobs lost in February, a report by a private employment service said on Wednesday."

By the way, many of the layoffs gave workers a few weeks so they won't be reflected in March's numbers. They will show up in the April new claims for unemployment. Many of the new jobs are related to the census. There's a good analysis with a mix of the good and bad at the Wall Street Journal here.

"However, the 2010 decennial Census accounted for 48,000 of the employment boost last month. As those jobs will be lost in the second half of the year, economists cautioned not to read too much into the headline figure. Another 40,000 of the increase came in other temporary jobs."

Do you remember when unemployment was going down in the earlier Bush 43 years? I can't even begin to count how many times I heard unhappy liberals claiming that whenever unemployment went down under G. Bush the only jobs being created were "s**t jobs". Essentially liberals were saying that the only jobs being created were fast food etc. Well then, what do they make of this from the WSJ report?

"The so-called underemployment rate--which includes everyone in the official rate plus those who are neither working nor looking for work, but say they want a job and have looked for work recently -- rose to 16.9% in March from 16.8% the previous month. In January, the underemployment rate stood at 16.5%."

So...while there was some job creation in March, this report shows that Census and "underemployment" are a big factor in that job creation. It reminds me of a line from the movie Fun With Dick and Jane starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni which if you haven't seen yet, you should. The line is: "vice presidents are working at Burger King". That line sums up much of Obama's so called job creation, though perhaps not to that extreme. Where are the Bush bashing Obama supporters? Why aren't they calling the job listings at Taco Bell and Lowe's crap jobs?

The answer is simple, everything that Obama fails at is Bush's fault. That will be the excuse straight into 2012. Why do you think the health care bill doesn't take full effect until 2013 or '14? It's because they know this bill will be horrible for the economy and health care. The negative effects won't be in full effect in 2012 so Obama will be able to claim that all of the people who were against Obamacare were wrong about the negative effects this bill would have. He's already started this in a way. Watch.

"2 months from now, 6 months from now you can check it out, we'll look around and we'll see."

Actually Obama that can't be true. Since everyone knows the bill doesn't go fully in effect for a few years it will take a few years to check it out. Perhaps, then we'll indeed see. If it doesn't turn out to be as wonderful as he hopes for, which I of course suspect, who can be blamed? They will claim it isn't working because of all the concession's he had to make for it to pass. They will try to put the public option back in the bill in some sneaky way because they will claim it's got to be used to help fix and improve the bill.

The most common excuse you get when you ask why these kind of big government programs don't work in other areas of the world is that they "didn't do it right". It is believed by many of these people, like the admitted socialist's in this country, that America will be able to get socialism etc. right. To them it's not that the universal health care in other countries can't work, it's that those countries haven't implemented the programs in the right way. They think we can do it right and that's why it will work. I feel bad for those who believe such nonsense.

Many Conservatives bailed on Bush during term 2. Republicans do share the blame for opening the door to big government. Now it's time for the Democrats to do the same. I believe the Reagan Democrats are still here. They are the type you find at the Tea Parties.

Ronald Reagan gave a good answer at a press conference in 1982. Conservatives share the blame for the rise of progressive Republicanism during Bush's 2nd term. Yet we saw the rise of bailout's, deficits, and stimulus programs and turned away from such nonsense. Obama's falling poll numbers indicate that many Democrats have taken a second look at progressive liberalism and decided it isn't quite what they had in mind.

That is a part of why Obama has gone from a 65% approval rating to a %46 according to Rasmussen. That kind of drop in approval after only 15 months takes more than just partisan critics. It doesn't matter how many excuses your supporters come up with.


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