The Day After

Monday, March 22, 2010

So the health care bill has now passed. My wife watched the vote with me and as soon as it passed she gave a nice loud "DAMN IT!!". After a minute she looked at me a little surprised to see my lack of emotion. It was due to a lack of surprise. I figured this would happen.

Being a Massachusetts conservative, I'm used to overwhelming opposition to my views. Today, I feel motivated. As an American I feel like I'm in a boxing match with Congress. Last night Congress hit America with one hell of a left hook. It feels like we have been knocked down for an 8 count.

However, this fight is far from over. For anyone who may feel down about last night's vote. Look at the bright side. Liberals have practically handed control of Congress to Republicans in November. Let's make sure it's Conservatives more than just Republicans. Also, Obama has most likely guaranteed himself to be a one term president.

If you need more inspiration, make sure you let everyone hear this. Reagan's speech back in 1961 seems pretty relevant to today's health care situation. Many on the left honestly don't think they stand for socialism, but that's only because those same people don't seem to understand socialism. Liberals don't understand Conservatism either of course. Well, how can you understand Conservatism if the only people who've ever explained it to you are Liberals?

Liberals trust good intentions rather than actual results. Then they blame the bad results of their own programs on Conservatives, or Republicans. When this health care turns out to be a disaster make no mistake that they will say it's because it didn't go far enough. Then when they want to add more to it, like the inevitable "public option" that is designed to shut private insurance down, they will try to paint the opposition as unreasonable extremist who are in bed with insurance companies.

Just as they say Conservatives who want to reform food stamps or welfare hate the poor and want to starve people. What I want is to stop welfare from being a lifestyle. I want to assist people who need help without killing people's will to help themselves. It's that simple.

I remember what a Conservative America was like. I know why I'm a Reagan Conservative even though I was 6 when he left office. I have studied enough of our past, (even though I'm always still learning), to understand what must be done in our present to preserve a bright future for my kids.

Perhaps this video will help re inspire you. Now dry the tears that may be in your eyes after that video, (I'm certainly not too ashamed to admit mine), and get back in the fight. If I can stand against a tidal wave of Liberal opposition here in Mass then you can surely stand as well.


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