Too Many Patients For Too Few Doctors And Constitutional Questions

Thursday, September 10, 2009

For the last few weeks Dick Morris has been covering how Obama's health care plan will lead to rationing.

The fundamental question that the Obama Administration has never answered is a simple one: How can they treat 50 million new patients with no extra doctors?

A new report from the American Association of Medical Colleges underscores the urgency of this concern. The Association notes that the United States now suffers from a shortage of 15,000 doctors - a shortfall that is expected to grow to 125,000 in fifteen years. And, the Association reports, if universal health insurance is passed, the shortage will grow to over 150,000 by 2025.

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My mother is an RN and has talked for years about what a high demand job hers is. She can relocate practically anywhere she wants because so many more RN's and MD's are needed. Dick Morris mirrors that point of view in his article yesterday. Obamacare will create a far greater shortage of doctors and nurses than we already have. Obama hasn't mentioned a word on how he plans to increase the amount of doctors and nurses to handle the massive increase in patients he'll be forcing into the system with his government run health care plan. His refusal to clarify that has become part of the argument regarding rationing.

The other point to think about comes from Andrew Napolitano regarding the Constitutionality of government-run health care. See his point regarding this issue here.

Look away from the teleprompter for a minute Obama and listen up. Most Americans aren't lawyers. Most of us keep the language pretty simple when we're sitting at home yelling at our TV's while watching the news. When I was a kid I remember my father yelling at the news in frustration and I didn't get it. Now it's my kids watching me get frustrated at the news. I didn't understand the big deal then but I sure do now.

Obama thinks this is a right wing conspiracy. He doesn't seem to realize that we the people have been screaming at our TV's not only since his election, but for the last few years. We got sick of partisan politics putting our government on pause. Congress' approval rating has been dismal far longer than Obama's been president.

We are tired of watching the government treat our opinions like they don't matter. We were against TARP, against stimulus 1 (Bush's) and 2 (Obama's), against Omnibus (with it's 9,000 earmarks), against Cash For Clunkers (which the government failed to run effectively), and now we are against this massive health care overhaul. This health care issue is the largest of all the programs I just mentioned. We have good reason to be angry at the town hall meetings and good reason not to trust the government with health care.

It was the Liberals championing the "don't trust government" attitude during the Bush years. It is natural for Americans not to trust the government when it intrudes into our lives. That was the whole premise behind the Constitution. Stimulus is not life and death.....health care is. If you can't be trusted with our money, how can you be trusted with our health?


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