What My Mother, An Executive Director Of Nursing Thinks Of Obamacare

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My mother is an Executive Director of Nurses and I asked her what she thinks of Obamacare. I wanted perspective from someone who's inside the healthcare industry to tell me what she thinks of this "reform". Here's what I said to her.

"My only question is for you. What do you think of the new healthcare "reform" bill? I think it's a government take over of our healthcare and with these clowns in charge it's bound to be disastrous."

Here's her reply.

"I could not agree more!!! Remember, All these government idiots have their own health care and are covered 100 percent, even after they leave office, for the rest of their lives. So.... how can they possible care about the nations health care when they are exempt!!! If it affected them, you better believe they would be just as concerned as the rest off us americans. But since it doesn't, they feel what the heck, we will try to control it, if it fails they have nothing to lose.

I think it's time for a new revolution and that young americans either take a stand now, or be ready to live in a dictator shipwhere they will be told what to do, how to do it. "Reform Bill?" What reform?? They make it sound like a GOOD thing. Taking away basic rights does not sound like reform to me.Being an Executive Director (DON) you would not believe the incredible amount of "financial waste" I have seen over the years in health care. Elderly hard working all their life who have contributed to social security and Medicare with every pay check they made, unable to get treatment needed. Then we have alcoholics, drug dealers and other "disabled people" who were disabled due to their own demise, not in war or accidents, who get Medicaid (welfare) and demand 10,000 dollar MRI's and other unnecessary test simply because they request it that usually come back negative. DPH says they are entitled to it!!!!

So our government allows it and who pays? We do. The hard working tax payers. Why doesn't the government cap them??? Tell them sorry you were an alcoholic or did so many drugs that now your Kidneys don't work so no dialysis for you. Instead, these people are allowed to come live in nursing homes, get dialysis 3 times a week, have no bills and suck up thousands of dollars every month from the government. Add this up over 10 to 20 years and see how much one of these individuals cost us. Now multiply than by the thousands of Medicaid residents and you will understand just the tip of the iceberg!!! But its what I deal with every day. Reform, No more like total destruction of our health care system. As always, the welfare people will win, we will be screwed and the elected officials will be set for life. "

So let me ask you all something...Would you rather trust this woman, a long time nurse, or Nancy Pelosi?


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