Town Hall Meetings and Protests

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We've all been hearing about the latest town hall meetings and how it must be some kind of right wing conspiracy. I'm wondering where the outrage was from the left when signs such as this were being used at the protests they supported.

There will always be idiots on both sides who make stupid signs and use nonsense slogans that will be used to show disagreement with current policies and politicians. We must fight the hypocrisy on both sides and when we see something wrong it must be labeled as such. Seeing things in terms of right and wrong as opposed to right and left have become a trademark of what I've been saying in many of the posts that I place here.

While I, and hopefully most of you, support free speech I do think signs like the one here are wrong. I do support the right of people to come up with such signs if they so choose though. Free speech is one of the greatest founding principles of this country. I think it's an outrage when I see stories like this.

The Obama joker graffiti story is another example of a random dope without the ability to get involved in responsible debate just making a fool of himself. I have to ask though, where was the outrage when Bush was depicted in the same way?

We are hearing calls to end town hall meetings since politicians are afraid of "mobs" of angry citizens. Have they not paid attention to their approval ratings in the last few years? People are sick and tired of politicians acting like our opinions don't matter.

The tea parties were demonized, while left wing protest were ignored. The town hall meeting are very important to those of us who care so passionately about our country. It's the best chance most of us get to confront our so called leaders face to face. It's a chance to hear their words for ourselves without any excuse for anything being "taken out of context" by the press.

Town hall meetings have been around longer than the declaration of independence. Yet politicians are so afraid of facing the people they want to stop the meetings. Using a right wing conspiracy as an excuse for not answering to we the people.

As I posted previously I attended a town hall meeting recently and I for one am glad to see so many concerned people getting involved in both national and local politics. My message is far different from the critics. I want people to stay informed and involved. Keep pressure on the politicians, right and left, who choose not to represent us.

Always try to represent the issues through the prism of right and wrong instead of right and left. Right and left politics brought us the blind partisan divide that has led to misrepresenting representatives and a government on pause for the last few years. The answers will always be found with us, not with them, and I for one am proud to be a thorn in the politicians sides.


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