Blaming Republicans For Stalling Healthcare Reform

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MoveOn.org is blaming Republicans for the fact that they can't get 60 Dems to sign on to health care!! I say have at it moveon. The tanking support for the health care bill has to do with the public who are rightfully weary about the geniuses behind stimulus and cap and trade taking over our health care.

I'm with moveon here, (give me a minute and I'll explain)...If the Democrats listen to moveon then they will be effectively ignoring the public (again) who are showing in poll after poll that we don't want this health care "reform" that the government is pushing. This may pass and lead to many in Washington looking for new jobs after the next election cycle. That's good news for us, the public.

We all wanted economic recovery yet all we got was stimulus. We want health care reform not healthulus. Start with reeling in fraud and waste first then go from there. That's where I'd start reform but what do I know. People like you and I aren't nearly as smart as our politicians, right?.......

Dear MoveOn member,

Why are Republicans holding health care hostage?

More importantly, why are Democratic leaders letting them?

The chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus, is refusing to release a bill until he can reach a deal with Republicans—who are ideologically opposed to a public health insurance option and are stalling as much as they can.

And instead of taking the reins, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "gave his blessing" to Baucus' latest delay.
Tomorrow, Senate Democrats are gathering for a special meeting to talk health care. It's the perfect time for your senator, John Kerry, to speak out and tell Sens. Reid and Baucus that allowing Republican obstruction to stop health care reform is just unacceptable.

Can you call Sen. Kerry right away? Ask him to tell these two Senate leaders that allowing Republicans to hold health care hostage is unacceptable.Here's where to call:

Senator John Kerry Phone: 202-224-2742

Then click the link below to report your call:
All eyes are on Baucus's Senate committee this week—the last of five congressional committees that needs to produce a health care bill. For weeks, he's been saying that he'll have a deal any day now, but he changed his tune last week to say a bill won't be ready until after the Senate August vacation.5 He's delaying the entire health care debate.

Why? Senator Baucus says he won't move forward without Republican support on his committee—and his Republican counterpart, Senator Chuck Grassley, has said he'll only move forward if a Republican like Mike Enzi of Wyoming comes along.6

Senator Enzi—who represents less than 0.2% of the American people7 and is ranked one of the most conservative senators in America8—is effectively in control of the Democratic health care effort.

It's patently ridiculous. Democrats have a 60-vote caucus in the Senate, overwhelming public support for real reform with a public health insurance option, and a progressive president on their side. So why are Republicans able to hold up health care reform?

Can you call Sen. Kerry today? Ask him to tell Senate leadership to stop letting Republicans hold health care hostage. Then use the link below to let us know how it went:


Thank you for all you do.
–Nita, Kat, Eli, Matt and the rest of the team

Hey moveon.org all I can say is.............your welcome.


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