I Was Right, Deval Patrick Was Wrong, What A Shock

Saturday, August 27, 2011

While I sit here in Mass preparing for Hurricane Irene I'd like to provide a little update on a couple of stories I've done in the past. There are some older stories on this blog that you should read in preparation for this one. In the search box, upper left corner of this blog, type Deval Patrick, you'll get some stories from the past where I've taken on Mass governor Deval Patrick over various issues.

You'll see, or you'll remember if you're a long time viewer of this blog, the stories about the town hall meeting I attended with the Deval and the e-mail response I received after the youtube question his staffers took from me after the event was ignored and never posted online. His response cited "technical difficulties" but never e-mailed an actual answer.

I cited 2 main points in my question, the first being about taxes and the other being about private sector growth in Massachusetts. I pointed out in my question that was never answered that all of the growth he mentioned in the town hall meeting was paid for with federal stimulus dollars and therefore there wasn't in fact any real growth, besides government, here in Mass.

I asked him how he planned to grow the private sector in mass after the stimulus money ran out because if we kept on track with the growth he was citing then the next year he'd just be right back at the government's doorstep asking for more stimulus dollars, which is probably the bulk of Obama's new jobs plan to be revealed next month. I asked that 2 years ago in '09.

Here's why I'm bringing this up. I'm grazing through the headlines of some of the papers a few days ago and a front page headline from The Boston Globe on Monday, August 22 caught my eye. It read:

"Anxiety rises as stimulus dries up - Federal cuts may stall state recovery" - by Casey Ross

I can't exactly quote the article without permission from the globe but the title tells you enough, I will give you dollar figures to think about from the article though.

It points out that in 2009, what year was my town hall meeting with Deval, let me think......oh yeah, that's right 2009, as you'll see I prove if you did the search of the past stories as I pointed out in the beginning of this post. Anyway, it points out that in 2009 Mass received $7.4 billion in stimulus and Mass is down to the last $300 million. Maybe Deval should have taken my youtube points more seriously, huh?

I told Deval this would happen and he ignored me. Not exactly surprising but it should make you think. Imagine if Deval took me seriously, he'd have been able to spend the last 2 years preparing for this instead of just giving propaganda speeches to ignorant people in order to get re-elected. Now, we're about to enter full blown panic mode as Deval's failures are about to be exposed as he can no longer shift all of the costs of his failing policies to the federal government. However, there's another factor that no one could have prepared for.

Hurricane Irene, it's due here tomorrow and any significant damage to the state will only make things worse, too bad we still don't have that $7.4 billion. Now, a state of emergency has been declared for Mass by President Obama and that will provide federal money to help with whatever this storm ultimately costs. I don't disagree here. This is the type of thing the government can help with and it'd be in better shape if it didn't try bailing out everything for the past few years. Problem is that the federal government is so damn broke that they aren't in good shape for these types of problems.

I hope the damage from this hurricane is as minimal as possible in terms of dollars and deaths but after the wind and rain calms down we have another problem. Hurricane Economy is still ravaging many states including Mass and that isn't going away when the wind dies down the way the stimulus money is. Maybe Deval will finally start listening but I doubt it.


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