Typical Hypocrisy and Shutdown Scare Tactics

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's fascinating watching President Obama's supporters on the left try to justify the actions taken in Libya. You'd think there would be outrage considering all that was said about President Bush regarding Iraq. Those on the left that support Obama's actions in Libya ignore the fact that he went around Congress and sought no congressional approval for this military action. In contrast Congress, (including Hillary Clinton), voted overwhelmingly for the resolution granting the use of force against Saddam Hussein.

The justification from the left is actually insulting in my book as they are counting on you having the attention span of a stone when talking about why the action in Libya was necessary. For example, claims that what Gaddafi was doing to his own people allows for the military action under the UN's Responsibility to Protect act. It's true that Gaddafi oppresses his people but didn't Saddam as well? Give me an honest answer for once those of you on the left. Do you support aiding oppressed people in the world or don't you?

President Bush got together a fairly large coalition of nations together for both Iraq and Afghanistan, whether you agree with the wars or not that isn't the point. President Bush got congressional approval, (Obama used to say he didn't vote for the wars when he was debating Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign of '08 but it's a pointless argument since he didn't become a U.S. senator until 2005 so it was impossible for him to have voted for the wars anyway), meanwhile Obama leaves congress completely out of the Libya decision making. There has only been limited outcry from the Democrats with regard to this and the only reason the double standard doesn't surprise us is because let's face it, by now we're used to both sides playing these games while our country suffers.

Now, let's address all of this talk about a government shutdown. I'd like to tackle two side issues regarding the bigger picture here. The first issue is with the Republicans and it regards the cowardice and lack of spines with regards to spending cuts. The country by and large is perhaps more on board with reducing government spending than ever before yet the Republicans have been coming up with pathetically small cuts. Not as insulting as the Democrats mind you but a joke nonetheless.

We here talk about several billion in cuts and the like but it comes out of a $1 Trillion+ budget. It's the equivalent to buying a $30,000 car and bragging about saving $100.00. The proposed Obama cuts are and even bigger joke and amount to saving $1 on that car. Meanwhile the interest on our debt alone will mostly wipe out most of the proposed spending cuts anyway. Perhaps it's just the curse of D.C. everyone gets elected acting like a tax cutting Conservative but when they show up for work the campaign flies right out of the window for many. Even John Boehner, whom I do like, is getting wishy washy and timid about cuts, not surprising considering how much he cries, (sorry I couldn't resist and like I said I do like him as the new speaker of the house).

The Republicans need to make a stand about spending cuts, critics be damned, (they're going to paint you as evil careless asses anyway so what's the difference). The future of our country is truly at stake. The future of our children is truly at stake and unlike the politicians I'm not just saying that because it sounds good in front of a crowd on the campaign trail, I say it because I have children and it's the truth.

As for the Democratic critics of reducing spending, who cares, it's the same old song and dance from them. They can't justify that they've massively increased the debt and deficit, (even though they criticized Bush's smaller debt and deficits), so instead they do what they always do, launch fear mongering insults:

Think Socialist Security needs to be reformed? You hate the elderly.

Think Welfare programs need to be reformed to assure only those in need get help? You hate the poor.

Don't support everything Obama does? You hate Blacks.

Support immigration reform and border security? You hate Latinos. And on and on and on.

These are not new arguments. In fact they are the oldest tricks in the book for the Liberals and luckily, (as you saw in the November elections), the country is starting to finally not buy into all of that BS. Better late than never I suppose but there's much to be done.

Let's talk government shutdown now. Listening to the news it sounds scary doesn't it? Listening to the Democrats you'd think that if the government shuts down on April 8 we'll all be dead by April 15. Listening to the Republicans you'd think that they'll do anything to shift blame away from themselves if the government shuts down due to fear of where the country will stand on the issue.

Personally, I'm hoping more of the country sees it the way I do. If our government isn't doing anything then at least it isn't doing anything wrong. Socialist security paychecks will still go out, cops and fireman will still be working, (unless of course the unions won't let them since the unions are looking out for the people's interest......yeah, that makes sense).

The issue of cutting spending is no longer a simple matter of principle between big government progressives and small government conservatives. It's an issue about securing the very future of our country. It was the message of the November elections and the politicians had damn well better get on board and stop with the usual political games.

We are being told that if the government shuts down it will be a catastrophe. However, isn't that the same thing that was said about Bush's TARP bailout and Obama's stimulus package? I have criticized the various stimulus and massive government spending programs since day one because history shows that they do not work, (not that a unionized teacher is all that interested in teaching you the accurate history on that one).*

*Quick side note - Factcheck.org has proven that my previous posts regarding the misinformation from MoveOn.org etc regarding the issue of Socialist Security were dead on.

Also, the newest edition of Newsmax magazine also proves my accuracy regarding the average life expectancy now (75), vs. the 1930's (around 60), giving more credibility of my claims that social security was designed to take money away from you for your entire working life and never pay you back, (hence the starting pay out at the time of the programs start of age 62 to start collecting, good old FDR, the miserable economic failure hailed as a hero by false historians).

Let's get back to the issue of the government shutdown. Obama's re-election is practically not possible at this point and his criticism of the Republicans if the government shutdown does happen should be of little concern in all reality. Obama's biggest re-election worry should be the fact that if Hillary Clinton does decide to challenge him again he has no shot of securing the nomination of the Democratic Party. That would make 2012 a little more challenging for the Republicans but the biggest issue for the Republicans would be becoming their own worst enemy, (as they did with progressive John McCain).

It would be inaccurate I think to claim that the country wants a shutdown but I also think the Democrats are overplaying their hand by thinking the country doesn't see through the scare tactics regarding government spending. At this point the U.S. debt is no joke and we the people are taking it seriously like never before, after all it was one of the base principles of the tea party movement and look how successful "tea party candidates" did in the November election. It seems that if the options are more massive spending and the government continuing to run or spending cuts only through a shutdown then the country is overwhelmingly ready to face the ramifications of a shutdown.

They said pass stimulus or else so it was passed.

They said pass TARP or else so it passed.

They said pass health care or else so despite the fact that we the people overwhelmingly were against it and massive union bailouts have now been found in it, it passed.

It's time that they start listening to us. We need to show them we are no longer afraid of the scare tactics of politicians. They should be afraid of not listening to us. I for one don't need to bother with scare tactics. I'll just keep talking about and showing you the truth. If they want to be afraid of something I've said than they can be afraid of this:

The November 2010 election was only the beginning and if you don't start wising up and paying attention then you will be next. We aren't out of tea yet.


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