Why The Left Rising Up Isn't All That Scary Here And A Government Shutdown Doesn't Sound So Bad

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Before we get started I just want you to always remember the fall of Egypt. If it goes bad as I suspect it will the many on the left and others will have to remember that they thought this was a great thing for Democracy. As the future will most likely prove them wrong they will do what they always do.....lie about history when teaching in order to maintain the feel good lie that is progressivism.

I'm going to explain a couple of things that progressivism has brought us but with a bit of a different twist. One of the very things that threaten progressivism with failure are in fact the results of progressive policies themselves. Let's start with some progressive history. Not the BS you get from some of the propagandists, (we tend to call many of them teachers), but the realities of progressive policies.

This will explain why at the present time I'm not all that concerned about a bunch of lazy, whining, ignorant, students and a handful of entitled, manipulative, propagandist, (remember, some call them teachers).

One of the biggest growth periods in the U.S. for progressivism was the 1930's under the failed New Deal policies of FDR. FDR wasn't the first president to believe in such big government control by any means but he created much of the modern problems we currently are faced with.

One that many Americans are beginning to be willing to accept as a big lie and failure is Social Security. We all, (well okay not all, Huffington Post, MoveOn.org, I'm looking at you), most of us know it isn't going to last. It was begun under FDR as a way for the government to take more money from workers and never pay them back. If you are a worker of my generation then you know the program will work exactly as planned as we will be paying the Social Security tax our entire working lives and will never be paid for it because we are many years away from retirement and the program is already on the verge of collapse.

I've said if before and it says it all. The average life expectancy for white people in the 1930's was only about 62, (conveniently the very year you began being paid benefits). For black people it was even worse, average life expectancy was only around 50. The program has remained unchanged for 80 years now because every time someone calls for reforming the system the propagandists keep telling you is fine the liberal, nanny-state groups start bitching about how the program is fine. Then the typical cries about how would be reformers are trying to leave grandma out starving in the cold begin. Life expectancy has increased very much, but the Social Security entitlement hasn't. High unemployment has only made it worse because that means less workers paying into the system that is already on the fast track to being broke.

This causes politicians to refrain from touching the system for political purposes. It reminds me of the saying that ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. It's like a cracked pipe leaking water, eventually it will rupture and the problem will be far worse than if you fix the crack now. The same rule applies to the entitlement programs right now, today. The Social Security pipe is about to burst and yet we keep ignoring it because of the cowards we call politicians refusing to take a stand and say, "I'm sorry you fell for the government lies America but it's time to wake up." Chris Christie in NJ is one of the few who takes such a stand on some of these issues, especially with the unions.

There were other programs that were equally disastrous economically with FDR, the WPA was used to pay people to fix roads etc. but in fact paid many people to stand around doing nothing, (today we call that stimulus).

LBJ, another loser of a liberal president that the propagandists love to lie about, took it a step farther with his "great society". This was the establishment of the modern welfare state. As the liberal nanny state began to take responsibilities away from families, families began to break apart. This was made worse with the liberal feminist movement and other such feel good liberal movements that led to a rise in single parent families and abortions. Even though all research proved that single parent homes were far more likely to end up in poverty, which is exactly what has been happening for many years.

We continued to take responsibility away from people and shifted the thinking from personal responsibility to the government's responsibility. Government assistance became the breadwinner, entitlements began to be thought of as rights, and taking care of your family began to take a back seat to taking care of yourself. That is the truth of progressivism, like it or not.

This is in fact part of why I'm not all that afraid of an uprising of students etc. here at the moment. We have young people in this country that don't have the work ethic to make it through a part-time job at the supermarket without feeling like they have it rough. Do you really think a group like that can stand up to the message of the Tea Parties? If you can't handle a part time job, you can't lead a revolution, period.

The big government promise of taking care of everybody is in fact only screwing everybody over and letting everybody down. The founders understood this, Conservatives understand this, why is it so hard for the left to understand this?

Now we're hearing talk of a government shut down and how disastrous that would be. I have to tell you, considering all we've seen government screw up in recent years a shut down doesn't sound all that bad. We should all understand that rushing into major decisions often leads us to the wrong decisions. Wasn't that the lesson of the stimulus packages, health care, and subsidies like housing? In rushing to do something we only made it worse. It is not only time to slow the growth of government down, it's time to stop and reverse it all together.

As for those who want socialism altogether in this country they should do some research into how socialism leads to tyranny. Need proof? Watch a speech by Hitler, he himself refers to his Nazi party as the "National Socialists Party", look it up since you aren't going to learn that in school. The propagandists are too busy telling you that the Nazi's were right wing conservatives, a lie so easy to disprove that it's laughable.

Put aside your pride and just look at the facts of history. When government grows in America, freedom weakens. When politicians are protected, they lose principles because there are no consequences for failure. It then comes down to each of us as individual Americans, as it always has and always should, to fix what's wrong with our country. The answers have never come from our government, or from the growth of it, and the right answers never will.


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