Outrage Over The Scanners, Where Are The Progressives? Pelosi Now At The Top...Of The Bottom And MoveOn Gets Restless And Starts Moving

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a long title I know but there's several topics I need to address with this one. Let's start with the re-election of Nancy Pelosi to lead the Democrats in the House of Representatives as minority leader. After that I'll get to the scanners and conclude with the latest from MoveOn.org as all 3 issues are very telling about the mood of the Progressive left, (formerly known as Democrats).

I for one am thrilled about Nancy Pelosi's victory to lead the Democrats. With this vote the Democrats have shown that they couldn't care less about the will of the majority of Americans as their agenda, (Socialism in America), is more important than that pesky old will of the people thing. This shows me that the left is basically betting all or nothing on their vision of what America should be to them. The Democrats who actually stood against Pelosi to lead the party should be commended to a point but let's look at the results.

Here we have one of the most out of touch radicals in the history of the congress trying to lead one of the 2 major political parties in this country and the vote wasn't even close 150 - 43. That means that more than 3 times the amount of Democrats in the house voted for her to lead as opposed to those who didn't. That should be very telling about where most of the Democrats stand as to the will of the majority of Americans.

They've been planning this, don't think for a second that President Obama didn't know he was going to lose at least the house. After all, that's why a majority of the bills the Democratic Congress voted on weren't even read, they knew the goal, damn the consequences. They weren't about to let a Republican majority stop Obama. The next 2 years will be very telling.

Now on to the scanners and I'll be brief about this one because we've all seen the outrage from everyday passengers over the scanners and invasive searches. I don't need to tell you about the anger for obvious reasons but I do wonder something and you should think of this as well.

Remember the wiretapping of suspected terrorists that President Bush did? The left went nuts over that program. Meanwhile they are practically fondling and taking nude pictures of travellers at the airports.

Also, just to add insult to injury, they are considering exempting Muslims. Now, all of a sudden it's about security. Liberal hypocrisy at it's best, if Bush was pushing for the scanners the way the Obama administration is there would be Bush protests in the streets. Yet with Obama it's about security and best for the majority of travellers.

"every dictator who ever lived justified the enslavement of his people based on the theory of what was best for the majority" - Ronald Reagan

Now let's look at the latest from MoveOn.org and how it relates. Obama's running out of time and losing the support of the American people. The latest problem MoveOn.org has with the president is over taxes. Despite all the rhetoric about how evil those damn tax cuts President Bush passed for some reason a lot of Democrats are all of a sudden scared to let them expire. Now MoveOn.org is trying to keep Obama on track with the progressive agenda:

Dear MoveOn member,

Remember Barack Obama in 2008? The guy who refused to go along with a "dumb war" and said, "In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope."

I miss that guy. Imagine if someone told you in 2008 that Barack Obama was actually thinking about signing legislation to extend the Bush tax giveaways for the rich.1 I wouldn't have believed it.

Now more than ever, we need the Barack Obama we elected in 2008—the smart, tough, hopeful progressive champion who inspired millions of us—to stand up and say "no" to a millionaire bailout.

Right now, with the change we all fought for hanging in the balance, President Obama needs to hear from those of us who supported him the most.

So we're asking MoveOn members nationwide to record a video message from the heart to tell President Obama to go to the mat to stop any extension of the millionaire tax giveaways—and to bring back the progressive fighter we all knew and supported in 2008.

Can you record and share a video message to President Obama today? Click here to get started:


A personal appeal from so many of us who worked hard to elect President Obama will send a strong message. And to make sure the White House and millions of Americans hear it, we'll take the best videos and turn them into an ad that we'll air on national television.

Can you share a video message today? Just click here to get started:


Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Marika, Duncan, Steven, and the rest of the team

We'll see what happens. I doubt that President Obama's going to listen to those who favor lower taxes and keeping them low and predictable in order to promote economic growth. The only growth he's seemed to favor since taking office is government growth. Now, who do you expect him to listen to, MoveOn.org or the Republicans, (and several Democrats astoundingly enough), who favor keeping taxes low in order to promote economic growth?

My bet's are on MoveOn.org because there's one thing President Obama has proven several times since taking office. The will of the majority of Americans isn't as important to him as the progressive agenda. We'll find out what he plans over the next 2 years and I suspect that it isn't going to be pretty. The President and the Republican majority in the house are at opposite ends of the spectrum on many issues.

Despite all this talk about working together I suspect both sides will come out swinging. The most unfortunate part of all this is that it's everyday Americans who will suffer the most from what is being done to our country. The politicians will work hard to protect the one class that they usually prove to care for the most....themselves.


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