Election Reflection, Massachusetts Should Change Its Name To Dumbassachusetts

Friday, November 5, 2010

Well election day has come and gone. Overall it's good news. The largest party switch since the 1930's. Most of the country seems to get it and sent a clear message that we want to embrace the philosophy that the country was founded on. When it comes to government, less is more.

Then we get to Massachusetts, which sent quite the opposite message. I think we should put it right on the license plates.

Dumbassachusetts: The Welfare State.

Short, simple, and says all you need to know about this state. I couldn't help being in a state of mostly depressing shock late Tuesday night and most of Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that most of the country seems to get it. I just can't believe how ignorant a majority of Massachusetts truly is.

There are of course others, like California, but when you're comparing similarities in the thinking of your state and California you know you're in trouble. Since Massachusetts has told the country loud and clear that it wants to be the official welfare state I have a new plan for Massachusetts. I call it plan C.

Here's how plan C works. The C stands for "Contain". A majority of Massachusetts has proven that it just wants to have expanded social welfare programs, food stamps, no jobs, and never ending entitlements. The key to plan C is actually very simple but it requires something people like myself being something they aren't used to being, irresponsible.

If you're working hard, raising your kids with respect, and quite frankly sick of working hard so others don't have to, you need to leave. It's time to take your talents and your families out of this state and move them to a state that actually rewards hard work and where neighbors act like neighbors instead of thugs or snobs.

Now, how is this irresponsible? Well, since the housing market has crashed, (thanks again government and re-elected again Barney Frank), selling your house for an amount that will let you pay it off, much less make a profit will be pretty tough. If selling proves not to be an available option then it's time to simply do what many others have done, walk away.

Start working on finding where you want to go, a more conservative state perhaps, there are plenty of states that look conservative when compared to Mass. Find out about the job market, or if possible get transferred within your own company out of state. Start looking at places to live, (most will be cheaper than it is here in Mass). Once you've put all of those pieces together walk away from your mortgage, it'll take them awhile to throw you out of the house once you stop paying.

The amount of money I'd be able to save if I didn't have a mortgage would add up pretty quickly. This would add up to being one of the biggest decisions most of us who actually pay our own way and work hard have ever made. If it comes down to walking away from your mortgage then it'll ruin your credit in the short term, (another tough decision for those of us who have busted our asses to maintain a good credit score). However, not paying a mortgage will give you a good chunk of money in a short amount of time to establish yourself in a rental house or whatever in another state. Here's how it "Contains" Dumbassachusetts.

If the working class decides that Dumbassachusetts just isn't worth it anymore and they all leave you'll have a collapse in state revenues, no workers and no property taxes from homeowners = very little revenues. That doesn't bode well for the state's ability to subsidize the housing and food stamps etc. The state will beg for yet another bailout with no end in sight.

In a panic taxes will again be increased but it won't matter because under plan C there will be more people that actually pay nothing in taxes and get a net refund after considering the various government assistance programs than there will be workers to pay for it. The increased tax rates will further cripple the already crippled job market and lead to even less revenue as opposed to more.

By voting no on question 3, another mistake by Dumbassachusetts, we have told folks like the Deval that we don't mind paying 6.25% as opposed to the 5% we were paying before, this means that the 6.25% rate isn't going away anytime soon. In fact, as the economic climate continues to get worse here that rate will no doubt go up even further.

As responsible, hard working people, and businesses continue to flee the state, the states they move into will improve, while Dumbassachusetts will continue to decline. Then the state will fit the new license plates quite well.

Dumbassachusetts: The Welfare State

I wonder how the Deval and Dumbassachusetts liberals will be able to get away with blaming people like me for the states problems when there aren't any of us left here. Under plan C it wouldn't take very long to find out.

One last point. A liberal I've talked to regularly for the past few years told me yesterday that there were good parts of socialism that he didn't mind because capitalism wasn't working, (keep in mind these are the same people who object us calling President Obama a Socialist which he clearly is). I asked him what parts of Socialism he liked.

He had no answer. I then asked a more important question:

Name one socialist country that has become prosperous, much less as prosperous as the U.S?

He again had no answer. You see the problem here, the universities are teaching how wonderful socialism is to the young people and they can't even tell you why or sight an example of why it's so great. They just know that capitalism is evil because of all of those fat cats. Even though they line up to vote for fat cats like Barney and the Deval.

"the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money" - Margaret Thatcher

As for me, I'm done with giving Dumbassachusetts my money. The current license plates in Mass say, "The Spirit of America", if that's true then America is lost. Luckily, the election this past Tuesday proved that Dumbassachusetts most certainly is not the spirit of America so let's make the plates a bit more accurate.

Dumbassachusetts: The Welfare State

For the record, you should watch the victory speech of Barney Frank and the concession speech of Sean Bielat. The contrast speaks volumes about the people on Sean's side of the aisle versus those whose ignorance keeps them on Barney's side of the aisle.

We've returned the views of Barney and the Deval to the minority nationwide in the house. Let's execute Dumbassachusetts plan C to ensure that it stays that way.


John K. said...

I feel your frustration!!! This is BULLSHIT!!! Well put Brandon!

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