9 Days Left, Down With The Deval Part 2

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's a campaign cycle that never seems to end. As soon as we get through one election it seems as though we're right back into campaign season. For many of us the coming election in just a few days couldn't come fast enough. This will be the first major test of the Tea Party movement. This will also be a test of how popular Obama's agenda really is and how real the apparent resurgence of conservatism in this country actually is.

Due to the fact that I'm a Massachusetts conservative my focus has of course been mostly focused on the governors battle between the Deval and Charlie Baker, as well as the battle between Barney Frank and Sean Bielat. We're in the home stretch now so the politicians that are in the most trouble are pulling out all the stops in order to try and get a last minute grip on victory. That makes the ads more frequent and often times more dishonest.

There's one ad that really bothers me in particular though. It's from the Mass Teachers Association. They are trying to attack Charlie Baker for health insurance premium increases caused largely by things like Romneycare, (which, like it's big brother Obamacare, the Deval supports). That's why you don't see the Deval attacking Romneycare. In fact he usually makes it a positive point that "97% of Massachusetts residents have health care". Even though the costs have skyrocketed and the quality of care has gone down. Attacking Charlie Baker and those evil insurance companies is much more convenient.

The Mass Teachers Association is spending lots of money to re-elect the Deval while at the same time the schools are asking parents to provide things like toilet paper and other school necessities. Maybe the unions should stop spending money on campaign ads and start investing in the children the Liberals like to talk about so much.

The Deval likes to talk about all of the jobs he's saving, especially teachers jobs. The truth is that it was you who saved those jobs. Obama gave money to the state with his "jobs bill".

"The legislation provides $10 billion to save more than 160,000 teacher jobs nationwide, and $16.1 billion in Medicaid assistance to states that will save and create 158,000 jobs, preventing layoffs of police and firefighters, according to Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, D-Lowell. Tsongas said it's estimated that 2,400 teaching jobs will be saved in Massachusetts"

So you see, when the Deval talks about all he's done to fund education etc. he's not referring to his excellent leadership skills and money management. He's referring to yet another bailout that the state received. I wonder why unemployment fell in September here. What happened in September?....oh that's right, school started so the bailed out teachers went back to work. The teachers unions, through their ads are now helping to pay him back by attacking Charlie Baker.

Just look at how much money the Teachers Unions have poured into Democrats over the years. Now, after spending all of that money on campaigns they need your help to fund their jobs and pensions. We all have good reasons to be against all of these bailouts and wasteful spending programs. It's a vicious cycle. A special interest group, (like unions), spends money they can't afford to spend on politicians that will serve their interest, then the corrupt politician ignores public opinion and bails out the group that bailed out their campaign. Both parties are guilty, but both parties aren't in power.

Back to the Deval, here are some facts that you aren't going to see in one of the Deval's campaign ads. You may remember some of these facts from when they were fresh news throughout the last 4 years.

Deval Patrick gave a 33%, $1.1 million raise to his staff.

Deval Patrick went on a state hiring spree in the middle of a fiscal crisis – including hiring campaign donors.

Deval Patrick spent nearly $1,200/mo. for a top-of-the-line Cadillac sedan.

Deval Patrick spent over $27,000 in taxpayer money on luxury furnishings for his office before public outrage compelled him to reimburse the state.

Deval Patrick proposed a 19¢ per gallon tax on gasoline.

Deval Patrick raised the state sales tax by 25% during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Deval Patrick hired a $72,000 per year “chief of staff” for his wife.

Deval Patrick pushed to hire Marian Walsh in a $175,000 state job that had gone unfilled for years.

Here's the source.

The Deval hopes you've forgotten all of that when he goes on the campaign trail to talk about what a great job he's doing. At least he cares about the children right? Aren't liberals always talking about "the children". Keep in mind the Deval opposed Jessica's law. It took quite a fight to get a version passed in Mass due to the Deval's opposition. I wonder why the Deval wouldn't use that to make his case for "the children"?

Oh, hold on a minute, I remember, the Deval was a criminal defense lawyer before he became a governor:

"Trial lawyers dislike it claiming their jobs will be far more difficult with plea bargains off the table"

"Even with all these and other arguments in mind, voters of the state of Massachusetts showed great support for Jessica's Law. It wasn't until after hundreds of thousands of petitions were signed and delivered to Beacon Hill, a public calling out by Bill O'Reilly himself, and much media attention, that this bill found its way to the senate"

"It had already been over 3 years since Rep. Karyn Polito had begun pushing for such legislation. One can't help but wonder if the circus hadn't come to town would Deval Patrick have signed on the dotted line?"

For the record, Karyn Polito is running for State Treasurer, you may want to remember that on election day. I know this all makes it look like the Deval cares more about the child rapist than the child victims but that's only because you probably haven't seen all of the Deval's campaign ads about how much he cares about the children. The quote is worth repeating:

"Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are, how you vote tells people who you really are deep down inside." - Zell Miller

Here's another statistic you won't see in a Deval Patrick ad, this one comes from that evil right wing extremist group protectmasschildren.org:

•In 2003 Massachusetts had the third highest rate of child abuse among the 50 states, with 22 out of every 1,000 children being a victim. ~ U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

•In 2007 Massachusetts had the highest rate of confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in the country. The rate was twice the national average. ~ U.S Department of Health and Human Services

Keep in mind this is happening while our wonderful governor is opposing Jessica's law. As if you need another reason not to vote for Barney Frank or Deval Patrick, I have one here.

"Conveniently eight days before one of the most historic elections in modern day America, Barney Frank, in all his pomp and circumstance, will deliver with grandeur a $2M stimulus check to Gov. Deval Patrick for more "shovel ready" jobs."

Last week, President Obama reluctantly told the New York Times, "there's no such thing as shovel-ready projects."

"Here in Massachusetts we're just as tired of Barney Frank as you are and we're tired of him campaigning on giving us YOUR money"

In conclusion, it's now up to each of us, the voters. We have to decide if we want to continue voting for a letter rather than a candidate. Is voting for Barney Frank and the Deval worth it just to remain loyal to the Democratic Party? I know there are a lot of Democrats who don't like the Deval, many of them also know that Sean Bielat is clearly a better candidate then Barney Frank. The race between Sean and Barney wouldn't be so close if there weren't a good chunk of Democrats giving Sean a serious look.

I have stated many times that I didn't vote for John McCain or President Obama in 2008. I'm owned by a set of conservative principles, not a political party. If my party doesn't represent those principles, then I don't represent that party. Perhaps this final quote will reflect something that a lot of Democrats might want to think about.

"I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me" - Ronald Reagan

I've made my case, we won't get another chance to change anything for 2 more years. It's time for you to determine where you stand and make a choice. If you think I'm wrong then by all means re-elect Barney Frank and the Deval, just make sure you ask yourself why they deserve your vote. As for me, the only thing scarier than Michael Myers this Halloween is the possibility of the progressive left maintaining total control of our government after this election.


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