Barney vs. Reaganomics and Sean Bielat

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's no secret that I live in Massachusetts. Even worse, I live in Barney Franks district. Let me apologize first for the fact that my district has repeatedly voted for Barney even when he was so obviously wrong on just about every issue.

Now, I know firsthand what Barney Frank's policies have led to. Higher crime, higher poverty, higher government dependency, and a housing crisis he helped cause through government intrusion into the housing market.

"We've got to restore the American dream. No one in the house has done more for that American Dream than Barney Frank." - Bill Clinton

Here's some info on Barney Frank's career history. There's plenty of things I could point out from here but let's just tackle a few.

"However, in 1982, redistricting forced him to run against Republican Margaret Heckler, who represented a district centered on the South Coast, including Fall River and New Bedford. Although the newly configured district retained Frank's district number — the 4th — it was geographically more Heckler's district. Frank focused on Heckler's initial support for President Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, and won by twenty percentage points. He has not faced credible opposition since, and has been reelected thirteen times."

That's right everybody, he was elected opposing the Reagan tax cuts which led to a boom in the economy. Some liberal Reagan critics say that Reagan actually raised taxes, that is partly true but in typical liberal fashion they leave out many facts.

For example, it's true that Ronald Reagan raised the gasoline tax by 5 cents a gallon in the early 80's. The extra money raised with the gas tax was supposed to go only to rebuilding roads etc.

Another fact the Liberals ignore is that the tax was only supposed to be in effect for 1 year, which is why Reagan supported it. After a year Reagan kept his word and proposed repealing the 5 cent gas tax as agreed to the Democrat controlled congress. The Democrats didn't keep their word and refused to repeal the tax. This has helped fuel the misguided liberal attacks on Reagan as a supporter of tax increases.

Liberal propagandists at media matters paint Reagan as a tax increaser in stories like this in an effort to paint conservatives like me as liars.

Historian Larry Schweikart describes the spending and tax cuts during this period in A Patriots History:

"The tax cuts started to have their effect. Production, employment, job creation, and entrepreneurship all surged, soon achieving near-record levels. And, true to the supply-side promise, government revenues soared, increasing by more than one third during Reagan's eight years.

Yet despite ocean's of new money and Reagan's constant foot on the brake, government continued to spend more than it took in, increasing outlays by 40% in the same period. To restrain spending, Reagan cut a deal with Congress in which the Democrats agreed to hold spending down in return for closing tax loopholes (which really involved raising taxes again, but only in specific industries, such as yachts and pleasure boats). No sooner had Congress closed the deal than it passed new higher spending, generating sizable, but not record, deficits."

Notice the bold print as the left will cleverly leave all of those pesky little details out. Now back to Barney and Bielat.

MoveOn.org is helping Barney Frank by sending out this message from him:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your past support and for fighting for the values we share.

As you may know, I am under attack by a well-financed, right-wing effort to defeat me in November because of my positions on progressive issues. I voted against the war in Iraq; I support bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan; I am leading efforts to fight for the civil rights of LGBT Americans; I strongly supported a public option in the health care bill; I am a leader in the fight to cut excessive and wasteful military spending and subsidies for the defense of wealthy allies; and I am opposed to extending tax cuts for multi-millionaires.

The extreme right has focused its anger on me in part because I have dared to stand up to them. Last year, when Senators and Congressmen supporting the health care bill were publicly vilified by anti-health care activists, I stood up for what is right and denounced the particularly outrageous claim that President Obama is in some ways a modern-day Adolf Hitler. My willingness to fight back - in what is now known as the 'dining room table incident' -- inspired others and began to turn the tide.

I take the right-wing attacks very seriously, and I fully expect to see a heavily-financed media blitz in coming weeks that will demonize me just as they have demonized the President. Let us not underestimate the power of these lies - we have learned in the past, from the Willie Horton ads, from the 'swift-boating' of John Kerry, and many other examples that inherently implausible attacks are not self-refuting. When the right tells its lies, we must actively oppose them.

Many of you have already volunteered for or generously donated to my campaign. I deeply appreciate your support. If you have not yet joined the campaign, I welcome both the donation of your financial resources and your time. There is strength in numbers.

If you would like to join me in battling the right-wing and its deep-pocketed supporters, please sign up to help at my web site: www.barney2010.com.

Thank you for joining me in this fight.


This points out that many of Barney's progressive views are on the opposite side of most Americans. Even my hometown voted overwhelmingly for Scott Brown over Martha Coakley in order to oppose Obamacare. However, Barney Frank still supports it, going even further by claiming, "I strongly supported a public option in the health care bill". This puts him against a majority even here in Mass, (do you remember why Scott Brown won? Obamacare).

Sean Bielat is an ex-Democrat gone Republican, just like Reagan. He's also a Marine. Take a few minutes to see his views for yourself here. His official website is here. I believe this is the best chance we've ever had to finally retire Barney Frank for good.

The key is an informed public though. November will be very telling in my district. One of two things will happen, either the people here will wake up and realize that this is one congressman who deserves to be defeated more than most others...or we'll fall for the Liberal charm of Bill Clinton and stick to the bleeding heart lies about how much Barney Frank cares about the poor and the children.

I for one will continue to speak out, refusing to speak out because of political correctness or fear of critics guarantees that they win. I'll stand up to a tidal wave of liberal opposition, I'm used to it. These issues and both our own and our children's future is too important to stay quiet. I'll be taking on Deval Patrick full force very soon but for now bye bye Barney will have to do.


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