The Aftermath Of The 8/28 Rallies, Racial Politics Once Again

Friday, September 3, 2010

The 8/28 rallies of Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton have now come and gone. I didn't bother to get into the debate before the events as I figured I'd first watch both rallies start to finish. I didn't want to get into the debate based on other people's opinions. I have now watched both of them and offer my thoughts.

If you haven't seen both rallies then I think you should before you finish this post. It's no small task but it's the only way to see for yourself firsthand what the rallies were actually like. Watching the rallies is no small task as combined they cover 6 hours and 8 minutes. Ignore the critics and make a judgement for yourselves.

Here's Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally.

Here's Al Sharpton's Reclaim The Dream rally.

I told myself when I started watching the rallies, especially Sharpton's, that I was going to keep an open mind. There were parts of Sharpton's rally that weren't that bad. I originally planned to provide you with the links to the rallies and pretty much just let you be the judge. You should definitely watch the rallies before you continue but it's up to you.

After 24 minutes of Sharpton's speech I saw something that I just couldn't ignore and it wasn't the campaign signs for some candidates for congress. I began to take some notes as I listened. There are some things that need to be addressed though and it begins to take off when TJ Williams starts talking at the 24 minute mark. In truth I felt bad for this man as well as many others who were there.

Ronald Reagan said it best:

"The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

"When I was at Liberty University I remember being told by the staff of that institution and the staff of the Jessie Helms campaign that the Conservative Party worked against gay rights, is amiss with keeping the African American community distracted with gay marriage and hate crimes so that they can complete their real commission, which is to roll back the civil rights act of 1963. And this is precisely what they mean when they talk about limited government. This 21 century push for an expansion of states rights is a hope to resurrect Jim Crow laws." - TJ Williams

The saddest part of that quote full of lies is the fact that he learned that from a staff of teachers at Liberty University. Teachers should know better, (I suspect they know the truth but it stands against the agenda of the left wing so they choose to promote lies in order to maintain a Liberal base of misinformed students). Read the Reagan quote again.

Here's the voting breakdown for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was the Democrats that stood more unified against the Civil Rights Act, not the Republicans. I'm not going to go too much into the details of this issue since I already took care of it with the blog post I did about history and the black panthers. If you haven't already read that one then you need to.

Before I move on I'd like to point something else out. Have you noticed that throughout the Sharpton rally they seem to talk mostly about uniting blacks? That's not the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:

"The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I thought of something else regarding the Reclaim the Dream rally, the name. To "reclaim the dream" suggests that it's been stolen. That is no doubt the belief of the speakers at the Sharpton rally. You can't steal Martin Luther King's dream. His dream was about equality for ALL people. It is for that reason that it's impossible for the dream to belong exclusively to blacks. It is a message for all of us.

Then we have John Boyd, President of the National Black Farmers Association who said this:

"Dr. King gave us a miracle in 2008, he gave us the first African American president in history and we outta let that be known today, we support our president." - John Boyd

Not much wrong with that quote but there's a question to be asked. When black Americans say we support our president is it because of his policies or simply because he is black? Let me ask you another question.

During the 2008 presidential campaign I heard from some people that if you didn't vote for Obama then you were a racist. It's scary that some people were foolish enough to believe that. If you only voted FOR Obama because he's black is that not also a racist vote?

Launching the racism charges against Republicans and Conservatives is nothing new. Let me share a few things with you once again using one of my favorites, Ronald Reagan. I'm going to show you 2 letters written by Ronald Reagan. Think of what's happening today with racial politics and you tell me what's changed. This is from Reagan: A Life In Letters.

Letter 1 - A response to Leonard Kirk, a black, unemployed Vietnam veteran. He supported Reagan's defense policy but called him "a worse president than tricky Dick Nixon" and "a closet racist and friend of the rich."

March 23, 1983
Dear Mr. Kirk:

I appreciate very much your support of my defense policy. I believe I also can understand why you think me a "closet racist". Certainly there has been a constant drumbeat of propaganda to that effect ever since I took office. Some leaders of black organizations have joined in this whether to enhance their own stature by arousing the membership to anger or not I don't know.

You of course would have no way of knowing the truth about me. May I point out a few things in my own behalf?

I was raised from childhood by my parents who believed bigotry and prejudice were the worst things a person could be guilty of. My father once slept in his car during an Illinois blizzard rather than stay in a hotel that wouldn't allow Jews. He was Irish Catholic.

As a sports announcer broadcasting Big League baseball in the middle '30's I campaigned against the rule that prohibited blacks from playing in organized ball. As governor of California I appointed more blacks to executive and policy making positions than all the previous Governors of California put together. I too have a dream, a dream that one day whatever is done to or for someone will be done neither because of or in spite of their race. We are all equal in the sight of God-we should be equal in the sight of man. By the way I was raised in poverty.

Ronald Reagan

I guess some things truly haven't changed, like Republicans and Conservatives being labeled racist through Liberal propaganda. Here's another.

November 23, 1983 - a letter to a man named Freddie Washington

Dear Mr. Washington:

I'm sorry to be so late in answering your letter but it takes a while for mail to get sorted and letters to arrive at my desk. I can't tell you how much your letter means to me. I've been frustrated and angered by the attempts to paint me as a racist and as lacking compassion for the poor. On the one subject I was raised by a mother and father who instilled in me and my brother a hatred for bigotry and prejudice long before there was such a thing as a civil rights movement. As for the poor, we were poor in an era when there were no government programs to turn to. I'm well aware of how lucky I've been since and how good the Lord has been to me.

Forgive me for telling you all this but I want you to know and understand how very moved I was by your kind letter. Again my heartfelt thanks.

Ronald Reagan

It's a well known fact that the economic boom caused by the Reagan economic plan, often called "Reaganomics", lifted ALL income levels, vastly reduced poverty, and created millions of jobs. Unlike Obama, who so far has had the opposite effect. Just think, his tax increases don't really start to effect the economy until next year, I can't wait, how about you?

Obama's tanking poll numbers have nothing to do with his race, they have to do with things like this.

I could go on an on about problems with some of Sharpton's rally but I don't think it was all bad so don't get me wrong. There was a lot of talk about the necessity for education within the black community. However, there's one thing I can't seem to understand about the liberal philosophy.

They claim to support the education of the children etc. They claim to want to help the black communities. Why then is it that when a successful black conservative dares to disagree with the liberals they instantly turn to personal insults like "uncle tom", or "sell out"? The black conservatives are in the meantime thinking: Hey, I'm successful, have strong family values, am pretty well educated, and work hard, isn't that what all of you liberals wanted me to do?

Take this story and these amazing videos from the 8/28 rallies. The left is panicking because America is finally getting curious about it's own history. The Liberals fear that the black community will learn the truth about Liberal history through videos like this.

The problem with the progressive liberal ideology is that it's based on emotions rather than logic. For example, the average liberal, (not the politicians mind you), but the average liberal. The kind you run into at the supermarket etc. honestly believes in helping the poor and the children etc. They just don't seem to realize that the very programs they support keep more people down and in poverty.

The entire debate over illegal immigration, which I've covered in previous posts, is an attempt by the left to hijack and increase the Hispanic vote. Imagine if the left were to lose the 95% vote of the black American community. What if it was 95% for the conservatives, (notice I said conservatives, not republicans, there is a difference in many cases, like John McCain). The liberal left would never win an election again. That is why they use the education system and the teachers unions to teach revisionist history.

Take for example the issue of the death penalty. Liberals typically stand against the death penalty, yet they support abortion. That makes no sense to me. A criminal whose committed a very serious crime, been given a fair trial, and sentenced to the death penalty is given all the compassion and excuses in the world by the left. However, an unborn and unarguably innocent baby who through no fault of their own has been conceived isn't even given half of a thought by the pro-abortion left. That baby deserves a chance, even if that is an inconvenience to the parents, the right to a chance at life should supersede the right for your own convenience.

The pro-abortion, anti-death penalty mentality is just one example of the kind of thinking that Phil Valentine calls, "liberal logic" in his book, The Conservative's Handbook. He has created this music video that speaks to our founding principles and like the rise up video is about the truth behind the purpose of the tea party movement, global warming, and the emotions gripping a majority of concerned Americans at the present time. He describes liberalism and "liberal logic" as this:

"Another reason liberalism is doomed to failure is because it's based largely on emotion instead of facts. It's what I refer to as liberal logic."

"Liberal logic is a purely emotional approach to solving a problem. Liberal logic is, in essence, and oxymoron because it is completely devoid of logic." - Phil Valentine

Racial politics used by the left is a good example of liberal logic. The facts of history don't matter if you can convince enough black Americans that all Conservatives and Republicans are and always were the racists. If enough black Americans believe that then their emotions will lead them to vote for the Democratic party. To the Democrats that's all that matters. They are currently trying to use the immigration debate to stir up the same kinds of emotions with the Hispanics in order to lock in those votes for Democrats.

In closing you have to ask yourself, which movement do you most align with? Which rally would you have attended? Which rally do you believe truly embraced the message of Martin Luther King Jr?

One last little fact about charity. The Restoring Honor rally raised over $5 million for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. While Al Sharpton's National Action Network is giving six, that's 6, $500 scholarships out for a total of $3,000 that you have to win an essay contest in order to get. The SOWF grants full scholarships to the children of our heroes, Al Sharpton might cover your books. That's shameful for the National Action Network, but that's liberal logic.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Brandon!!! Keep up the good fight! You are a true American. You belong in Washington....maybe someday you will be there. These politicians need a wake up call!
John K.

Brandon Edsall said...

For more hilarity on Al's corruption and failure with the National Action Network read this.


minister tj said...

Speech for August 28, 2010

Hello, my beloved Brothers and sisters. My name is TJ Williams and I am a member of the Riverside Church, student at New York Theological Seminary and DePaul University in Chicago, Partner, Uncle, advocate, son, brother, nephew, community organizer and worshiper of Jesus. And Yes, My friends I even did some of my undergrad work at Jerry fall well school Known as Liberty University. I come before you today with heavy a heart a heart that is determined to share some insight into the purpose of unity.
My friends, in the early 90s when I was at Liberty I remember being told by staff of that institution and the staff of Jesse Helms campaign that the conservative party work against gay rights is mix with keeping the African American community distracted on gay marriage, and anti hate crimes, so that they can complete their real commission which is to roll back the civil rights act of 1963. This is pricelessly what they mean when they talk about limited government. This 21 century push for an expansion of states’ rights is a hope to resurrect Jim Crow laws. Not just to impact the civil right for black folks, but gay folks, Latino community and the poor. That is why there is this effort for a new kind of nergrozation with in America. We must stand, march and pray together. And then we must gather behind those candidates who support justice for all.
God is in the midst of this kind of unity. For God said it in Isaiah and transferred this prophetic massage as a kind of purpose as a deeper understanding that this kind of corporate unity lives in all of our traditions thereby, resting on our relationship with each other. For this reason we must lay aside the kind of separatist’s theological, stereotypes that causes us to be divided then conquered. We belong together. We need each. We are connected, joined together as parts of one body. We are family.
Dr. King’s I have the dream speech embody a kind of healing power that is being hijacked by a man who calls for people to leave churches that teach social justice and liberation. Mr. Beck and those who are speaking over there are ignoring those very values that folks bleed died and march on. I find it troubling that there is a member of the king family who is standing with beck as he continues his assault on our countries fragile democracy. But I submit that the hope found in our unity will be deepened and rendered more authentic as black folks, poor folk, gay folk will be engaged in a tool for justice, a democratic expansion, and a truer rendering of the teachings of Jesus....thereby exposing the lies of how folk are being told about their humanity When the tea party says that they are threaten by socialism what they are realy saying is that they are threaten by a since of collative social awareness. All in all we must remake democracy and...in the face of the lies about our humanity within America. If we pledge allegiance everyday and the end of that that allegiance we recite with freedom and justice for all. Then we must demand that the Beck, Palin keys, and the Falwell not be exempt from sentiment of the same democracy they claim they are fighting for. And we must do this for the communities that are left out and left behind.
As I take my seat. Let me encourage you to sing in that old spiritual folk song called I shall not be moved. That by refusing to remove in our unity we will hear an echo of those who went before us in a quest for liberation, justice and equality, Jewish, African voice, voices Christians, Muslim, gay, straight trans, Latino and native American all crying in the melody of this song singing I shall not be moved. This old song ids of that traditional spiritual songs, that consists of a series of verses wherein a single line changes for each verse. But it the thirds verse captures the strings of my heart of these simple word wrap with determination and commitment. That I share with you today

Anonymous said...

one more thing. Liberty is concervative, Dem who were against the civil rights act were southern and changed to Republican 3 I was told by Jess Helms himself that this was there hope

Brandon Edsall said...

Nice comment TJ and well worth a response. You should shorten your paragraphs as it makes comments easier to read but that's a minimal point. The myth that all southern Dems became Republicans is just that, a myth, take Robert Byrd for example but let's move on.

Now you said:

"When the tea party says that they are threaten by socialism what they are realy saying is that they are threaten by a since of collative social awareness."

We aren't against "social awareness". The very existence of the Tea Party Movement is proof that people are becoming more aware of what's happening in our society.

Do you think I'm rich simply because I don't hate the rich? I understand that the rich create the real jobs in this country, not the government, therefore we need rich people to ivest in America so we can work.

I grew up poor as a child, my father was a drug dealer who went to prison. Do you think that was fair for my childhood? Yet I don't sit here pouting as a victim, I used it to make sure I would never become my father.

As far as religeon is concerned, I'm a protestant christian. I don't go to church on Sunday, I go to work. It's the extreme left that fights religeon in this country not the right.

Who found Merry Christmas offensive? Liberals. Who thought Jesus in a manger on a town hall lawn was offensive? Liberals.

I don't hate Liberals, I simply think they are wrong. Have you ever taken an economics class? If the teacher was honest then you'd know you can't tax your way into prosperity. Higher taxes leads to less revenue, it's true, look it up.

If money was the key to victory in the "war on poverty" then it would be over, for money is the one thing that has never been in short supply in that war. Some problems can't be fixed with a simple check.

The shattering of the family values, (in both black and white communities), can't be fixed by welfare or taxes. They can only be changed with a change in character.

Crime brings with it poverty, yet it's the left that chooses to be soft on crime leading to more poverty. This has been especially devastating to poor black communities.

Close to half of all African-American pregnancies end with an abortion, can welfare fix that? More on next comment.

Brandon Edsall said...

Look, I respect the Sharpton crowd's view, (why do you think I watched the whole thing and provided the link to it as well as encouraged others to watch the whole thing?)

If we were to achieve the "social justice" socialist goal of wealth redistribution you will end up with a new kind of class based society.

On the one hand you will have the people who are equally poor, (not prosperous), and on the other hand you will have the elite wealthy political leaders that will control EVERYTHING.

Life may not be fair, but it's impossible for government to make it fair because government is naturally biased and corrupt. That's why this country's approach to government has always been "less is more".

Government can promise you the world, but it has yet to ever deliver. MLK Jr. knew this well, he said as much.

The Sharpton crowd does deserve credit for speaking against the "gangsta rap" culture and speaking to the importance of education.

The key to fixing problems in our less fortunate communities lies within those communities. It takes a lot of hard work, and I'm with you in support of those communities, but I can't do the work for you.

The social justice crowd, often called "bleeding heart liberals" or "neo-con compassionate" conservatism has been in charge for awhile. Our problems in that time have only exploded and gotten worse. How can you not see the connection?

Let me ask you one more thing. If as a Conservative I'm supposed to hate the poor, black, young, old, everyone, etc. Why would I want to keep people down and in poverty?

I don't like the welfare state as it has only caused poverty to increase, though it has put a happier face on it.

The more people kept down and in poverty, the more money the government has to take from me to pay those people. Wouldn't it make more sense for my own greedy coservatism to help lift others out of poverty so I no longer have to work hard to pay for them to live off the government?

Liberals teach others to act like victims, hence they are softer on criminals. True Conservatives try to inspire people to believe in themselves because we know government can't do better for you than you can do for yourself. Maybe it's time to evaluate your own faith in government.

Do you honestly think government will ever live up to your expectations? History tells a different story. Take care, god bless, and thanks for the comment.

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