Happy New Year

Friday, January 1, 2010

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year. This is a big year for conservatives. With CPAC right around the corner and Liberals popularity tanking as they head into this big election year this is where we will see just how big the tea party movement really is.

It's only taken 1 year of Obama with the Pelosi-Reid congress to revive Conservatism in this country. Art Laffer, former top Reagan economist, usually says, "without Jimmy Carter there would have been no Ronald Reagan". The point shows a trend that comes when our government gets too Liberal.

Ultra-liberalism doesn't work. Unless you count rising unemployment, rising welfare, rising poverty, weaker defense, out of control wasteful spending, and a tanking economy as working. No free pass for Bush and the "neo-cons" either though. After all, he was also passing massive wasteful spending projects filled with pork. Obama and the Liberal congress have just pushed it to a whole new level.

Take health care for example, they've now passed a bill that nobody seems to like just for the sake of claiming victory on the health care debate. On the one hand, even though I'm no fan of the bill I'm to a point glad it was passed. The reasoning for this is simple. I think many Democrats who've voted to pass this bill have in fact voted themselves out of office this year. That's great news for us.

We all watched the special interest deals made at the last minute in order to secure votes and nobody is happy with that. Even the people in the states that will benefit from these shameful deals are speaking out against the bill.

Washington obviously doesn't get it. The tea party protests and town hall anger transcended party lines. It was not just about being angry with Obama or Bush. It was about anger with how D.C. does business now. It's us, everyday Americans who pay the price when the government screws up.

The politicians obviously don't care for one simple reason. They are completely convinced that they are smarter than you are. They feel it is their duty to take care of you, even when they suck at it, because you are too incompetent to take care of yourself.

However, let's look at the results and see who has it right. In the last few years millions of everyday Americans have lost their jobs. Yet only a handful of politicians have. The politicians pay has skyrocketed along with the national debt while everyday workers wages have gone down.

How about the bailouts...irresponsible business practices are being rewarded right along with irresponsible personal decisions by politicians and we are being left with the bill. I don't know about you but I don't like paying bills that I get nothing for.

When I pay my electric bill I get electricity, when I pay for my food I get to eat, when I pay for my mortgage I get a place to live. What are we getting out of paying for all of these bailouts, pork projects, and 2,000 page bills filled with god knows what?

We as a nation are paying more for the mistakes of Obama and company than we've ever paid for anything else. What have we gotten? Certainly not jobs or a growing economy, although government's been growing nicely.

There hasn't been an increase in confidence in America on the world stage. Despite Obama's appeasement award, I mean peace prize, the world is still worried about our debt and what it could mean for our dollar's value. Given the kinds of policies we are pursuing there will have to be inflation. It's coming, you can't print and spend this kind of money, combine it with a lack of confidence, a continued slipping economy, and an explosion of our debt without inflation. Yet nobody in Washington seems to be the slightest bit concerned about it.

It's time to revive Reagan conservatism in this country. We are watching liberalism fail, (as usual), and everyday more and more people are beginning to see what real conservatives are about. The message has a broad appeal that can easily win.

Perhaps it's a good thing that Obama won the election. After all we haven't seen a true Liberal controlled failing of America since the Carter 70's. It was that failing that gave us Ronald Reagan.

Much of Obama's base, younger voters, never lived through the 70's. Of course they aren't being taught much accuracy when it comes to history since many teachers, (not all but many), are pushing an agenda in order to make youth line up for liberals as they did in November '08. We are now seeing the flaw in that measure of thinking.

Attacking Bush and the Republicans for 8 years was easy. It seems that Liberal Democrats are now having trouble putting their money where their mouths have been. So keep it up Pelosi, Reid, and Obama because the results of your policies are proving to be the best thing to happen to Conservatives since Ronald Reagan.

So here's to a happy new year and an even happier 2010 election cycle.


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