So Many Issues, So Little Time

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I've been thinking about what I should talk about next for awhile. With so much happening so fast sometimes it's hard to decide what issue I should cover next. I'm going to try and cover several things here that have been on my mind.

Have you ever heard liberals trying to teach what conservatives believe. Here's an example from Alec Baldwin.

"Health care reform means less money for insurance companies. Thus less money for the GOP. We should pass this bill for that reason alone."

What about the fact that health care reform also means much more money for lawyers and unions. Thus more money for the Democrats.

How's Obama's stance against lobbyist coming along? Liberals will tell you he's doing great.

"The OMB Watch-CRP study found 1,418 "deregistrations" of federally registered lobbyists during the second quarter of 2009, a marked increase for any reporting period during all of 2008 and 2009. This occurred shortly after President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13490, which created new restrictions on former lobbyists appointed to the executive branch."

Sounds great right? Like everything else in politics these days though it's a trick.

"Another troubling issue highlighted by the organizations is that the thousands of lobbyists who appear to have left their line of work may not have actually done so. At the federal level, many people working in the lobbying industry are not registered lobbyists, instead adopting titles such as "senior advisor" or other executive monikers, thereby avoiding federal disclosure requirements under the Lobbying Disclosure Act."

Are you getting angry yet? Here's the story those quotes are from. Maybe that shines some light on who a few of Obama's "advisers", "czars", or whatever else he wants to call them really are.

We have a 2,000+ page health care bill now, (and we thought HR 3200 was bad with roughly 1,100 pages), and we already know about some bribes in the bill. Like the $100 Million for Louisiana.

That's just one thing. After seeing what happened with the failed Stimulus bills and the earmark filled Omnibus bill I can only imagine what else lurks in those 2,000 pages. The government is asking for us to trust them with this reform bill.

Massachusetts will get to keep Romneycare. So now, if it passes, I'll have Romneycare, Obamacare, or ....I'm not sure. They should just call this the Healthulus bill.

Were you happy when you found out about all of the wasteful spending in the stimulus bill? I doubt it but here's the key: You didn't find out about it until after it was passed. I suspect this health care bill will work out in a very similar way. We won't know about all of the problems with this bill until it becomes law and we can't stop it. Regardless of your political affiliation would that surprise you at this point?

Now I'm starting to see the campaign signs and hear the ads for the people who want to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate. I'd like to see Scott Brown win here but I don't think it's possible. Massachusetts is just too liberal. Of course we did vote Romney in for governor so maybe there's a better chance than I'm giving credit for Scott Brown to put in a good fight. I doubt it though.

The government's lying about job creation and the economy, no surprise there. A big we told you so is due for that one but don't expect Obama to admit his stimulus critics, like us, were right.

Let's talk a little bit about what you can do. If you can make it to a tea party rally that's great but many of us can't. One thing you can do is keep up as best as you can with history and current events. The politicians are counting on you becoming too frustrated to pay attention to what they are doing. They get frustrated when you do pay attention though. It is for that reason that they no longer allow us to read the bills online, even though it was a campaign promise of Obama's.

The other thing you can do is communicate with everyone you can. Talk politics wherever you can get away with it. I talk politics all the time as you can see from this blog. Use social networks, e-mail, blogs, etc. Attend any town hall meetings you can, get to or at least support the tea parties.

Stick to the message that we know works. Stand by conservative principles regardless of any criticism you will face from the other side. History is on our side. The facts and results will be on our side. Ignore political correctness and substitute it for actual correctness. Call terrorists what they are...terrorists.

Last but certainly not least. Make sure you take a minute to think about all you truly can be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Family, friends, your ability to stay sane despite all the craziness going on at the moment, eggnog, or whatever else makes you happy. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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