Swine Flu Shots Or Jail!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As previously stated by me several times on this blog I'm no fan of Deval Patrick of MA, my home state unfortunately. If Deval signs the new law, which he has already stated that he will, the repurcussions will be grave.

This goes out to other Mass residents specifically. Are we going to put up with this? There should be outrage over this and EVERYBODY whether you're a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative should be calling, protesting, blogging, e-mailing, and anything else you can think of to stop this. Even if your not from MA we may just be a testing ground for what's to come in your state.

This should be considered political suicide for ALL legislators of MA and for Deval Patrick as well. I don't think Deval wants to keep his job though since Obama probably has something lined up for him in D.C. so it's up to all of us. I wonder if the police have the courage to stand against this law. Will police, who are charged with serving and protecting the citizens really come to our houses and force vaccinations on us? I pray that they will stand by people like myself who refuse to accept this blatently communist law.

This video from fox shows what I'm talking about.

If you don't trust Fox with this that's fine. CNN has reported about forced vaccines for healthcare workers. It looks like a good start for NY to inch it's way closer to the Mass law.

Here are some tips from Dr. Russell Blaylock about swine flu and the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Obama says he'll wait to get the swine flu shot! He claims to want "priority groups" to get the shot first. Isn't the president a priority?!!

If this law is passed in MA then I think the legislators and Devil PaTRICK, (Misspelled on purpose of course), should have to get it first. Don't pass laws on others unless you're willing to be first in line to comply with your own law.

We know legislators don't abide by their own tax laws etc. that they impose on us but this is far more serious. This is about injecting a largely untested new type of flu shot into our bodies. If they are going to try and force us to take the vaccine by a law we didn't get to vote on and they passed regardless of public opinion then it's only fair to ask for them to take it first.

I know Deval won't read this but I wish he would. It would be nice to have a governor that listens to the people. As a former lawyer, like most politicians unfortunately, he should be among the first to speak out against such a radical law.

"Every dictator who ever lived has justified the enslavement of his people on the theory of what was good for the majority." - Ronald Reagan

Isn't that basically the logic of Deval and company for forcing the flu shots on Mass residents?

If you choose to get the flu shot then that's fine as long as YOU CHOOSE. Remember these are the same folks who thought President Bush wiretapping suspected terrorists violated people's rights.

If you thought wiretapping was a violation of rights then what do you call this? Where are you now? What's worse? Listening to phone calls or forcing injections of a new form of flu shot under threat of jail and removal from your children?

All that's left is to see if the Liberal majority in this state will stand against this law that is so clearly a violation of our rights. Standing up for our individual rights as citizens is what's really best for the majority. I just wonder if the majority will remain silent here in MA with passive acceptance or will there be enough of a reaction to make a difference? I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Brandon Edsall said...

I have called Deval Patrick's constituent services and complained about the bill.

They of course had no idea of what was in the bill so I read some of it to them. Like the part about being able to get locked up for up to 6 months and pay a $1,000 fine for refusing to get the shot.

I laid into them fairly well and left them speechless. We'll see if anything comes out of it.

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