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Monday, September 7, 2009

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We may all recall a low-budget, internet-only commercial that actress Ashley Judd sponsored a while back condemning Gov. Sarah Palin's authorization of predator control methods in the state of Alaska. This was repeatedly proven to be a bit of a political attack against Palin, not against the program of wolf hunting, as many states use the program to control predators and maintain a steady supply of animals suitable for hunting and food consumption. It was an attempt primarily to polarize Palin rather than condemn wolf hunting. We all knew it, and now we essentially have proof.

Here we have an article that describes wolf hunting procedures in the ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE state of Oregon. This article was dated September 5th, 2009. The time of this writing is the evening of September 7th, 2009. It begins:

U.S. Department of Agriculture officials shot and killed two wolves today that were linked to five attacks on livestock in the Keating Valley area of Baker County. The wolves were shot after nonlethal efforts failed to keep them from killing livestock again. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife then authorized Agriculture's Wildlife Services to kill the animals, one of which was wearing a tracking collar, from a fixed-wing aircraft.

Interesting. That sounds an awful lot like the same program that occurred up in our 49th state. In defense of the United States Department of Agriculture, they did make attempts to resolve this issue using nonlethal means, which, surprisingly, did not work:

After the first incident, Oregon Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Defenders of Wildlife and the landowners worked together to try nonlethal measures to keep the wolves from killing livestock again.

Those measures included placing a radio collar on one of the wolves so it could be monitored, installing fladry (flagged fencing that can be a wolf deterrent), using a radio-activated-guard box that makes noise when a radio collar approaches, double-penning livestock, keeping livestock near homes at night, burying carcass piles and using guard dogs.

It should be noted that the killing of these wolves was not carried out by the State of Oregon. Rather, it was carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture, meaning that someone in the Obama Administration would have had to authorize this themselves. Ironically, Ashley Judd does not seem to have so much of a problem when it is Obama who kills the wolves...no. She only has a problem when Sarah Palin does it. Psst.... Ashley!.... your hypocrisy is showing!

Remington Steele: Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

Great post

Smarty said...

Was Obama on the plane that killed those poor wolves? That would make a great ad, wouldn't it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Obama's little princesses needed fur coats for those cold, Washington winters, after all. After all, mink would be over the top.

L.N. Smithee said...

Late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson, a Scottish immigrant who has long extolled the virtues of America and eagerly anticipated becoming an American citizen, was made an honorary Alaskan by then-Governor Palin in 2007.

Her pre-taped video shown on Ferguson's show was posted on CBS' YouTube channel on June 25, 2007. The randy (but rarely vulgar) Ferguson speaks of the "Naughty Alaskan Librarian" vibe Palin gives him.

The earlier positive comments on the video reveals the way Palin was perceived before she was selected as McCain's VP nominee. Afterward, she was painted by Dems and the MSM as an extremist to be feared and despised, and the comments on the video changed accordingly.

I bring this up because I found this absolute whopper posted in the comments by YT user JManGuitar5150: "Has anyone ever seen the pictures of Sarah Palin shooting a polar bear from 20 feet in a helicopter? What kind of people shoot endangered animals, not to mention she doesn't even give the animal a chance?"

My furious response: "You're an idiot. You've never seen ANY pictures of Palin or anyone else 'shooting polar bears' from helicopters in Alaska -- the AK Fish & Game authority shoots WOLVES to prevent the depopulation of caribou. Young caribou *were* being devoured by wolves at a rate endangering their continued survival in Alaska. If that's too complicated for you, try this: The caribou are the 'endangered animals,' and the wolves don't give them a chance. Yet another example of IGNORANT Palin-hating."

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