MoveOn.org Thinks They're Winning The Healthcare Debate

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear MoveOn member,

After a few weeks of health care craziness, there's good news: we're winning on the ground. Lots of town halls are now dominated by supporters of health care reform. The vast majority of Americans want the choice of a public plan.1 And a powerful bloc of progressives in the House is standing strong on real reform.

The really bad news? The media's still acting like President Obama's health care plan is on the skids. If we don't turn the conventional wisdom around before Congress begins voting on health care, we could be in big trouble.

We've got a plan to make it happen. It starts tomorrow with major vigils across the country to bring the media's focus back to the real people suffering under the current health care system.
And then we'll shake up the media story again by going on the offensive against Republicans, with a new series of tough ads that call them out for their ties to the health insurance industry.
But to actually make a big splash, we need to raise $185,000 today—and that's going to take at least 3 donations from people in (location withheld). Can you chip in $20 right now to help out?
Right now, Republicans in Congress think they can get away with viciously slandering President Obama's plan for a public health insurance option—even though 77% of Americans say they want to have the choice of a public plan.2

These Republicans need a reality check. Every member of Congress should know that opposing health care reform isn't just morally wrong—it's politically dangerous and unpopular.
That's why we're planning some very tough new TV ads. They'll let voters know exactly how much money their representatives have taken from the insurance industry, whose top goal this year is to kill the public option.

These ads are a surefire way to put Republicans on the defensive, and show that Americans want their representatives to stop siding with insurance companies by obstructing health care reform.

To hit our goal of $185,000 and get these ads on the air, we need at least 3 people in (location withheld) to step up. Can you chip in $20 right now to help out?
Thanks for all you do.
–Nita, Kat, Stephen, Joan and the rest of the team
1, 2. "New Poll: 77 Percent Support 'Choice' Of Public Option," The Huffington Post, August 20, 2009.
Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way.
Chip in here.

Okay, first of all I'd like to thank MoveOn.org for the comic relief they regularly provide me with. As I stated earlier I've been reading the health care bill for myself, unlike most of the people who act like they know what's in the bill. If you want to check any of this info you can read the bill for yourself

It's actually not as hard to read as you may think, however I'm certainly not saying it's easy or fun to read either. As long as you take your time and read it carefully, I've had to read several parts 2 or 3 times just to make sure I'm understanding what it says. Unlike MoveOn.org and their partisan polls and routine of misinformation I don't want to spread misinformation. I actually encourage all who read this to try and read some of the bill for themselves.

It's easy to be lied to by both sides to sell an agenda. On health care though it's Obama, (who hasn't read the bill), and groups like MoveOn.org, (who also haven't read the bill), that are misleading the public the most. Why won't they read the bill?....It's quite simple. They know this bill was written by the progressive left. They are progressive left so they trust the bill. This provides them with the belief that they don't have to read the bill. After all they trusted Pelosi and company with the cap and trade (tax) and stimulus. Haven't they turned out great?!!!

One thing in this bill that worries me the most is the unprecedented regulatory power of the "commissioner".

Section 141 - (a) In General- There is hereby established, as an independent agency in the executive branch of the Government, a Health Choices Administration (in this division referred to as the `Administration').

(b) Commissioner- (1) IN GENERAL- The Administration shall be headed by a Health Choices Commissioner (in this division referred to as the `Commissioner') who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

I can't wait to see who Obama appoints to be the commissioner.

This commissioner is talked about all throughout this bill, and so is the HHS (health and human services) secretary. One thing apparent in this bill is that these 2 individuals are going to be granted unprecedented regulatory power over PRIVATE AND PUBLIC insurance companies.

I've already posted a story explaining abortions being covered in the health care bill so I won't get into that again. Obama likes to say, "if you like your insurance keep it". He's not lying about that. You do get to keep your insurance. The problem is that you aren't allowed to CHANGE your insurance, funny coming from the president of Change. The only change you'll be allowed to do under this bill is CHANGE from your current insurance to the government plan.

He doesn't talk about the business taxes in this bill either. Including excise taxes (can you say New Deal 2?). Explanation: Under FDR's "New Deal" most government revenue came from various excise taxes.

Businesses can pay an 8% tax, (8% of total payroll), rather than provide insurance to it's workers. Well from a business standpoint if the current cost of providing health care to workers is more than 8% of payroll then businesses will choose to pay the tax rather than provide the insurance. Since you can't change your insurance plan this would force you onto the government plan.

Smaller businesses have an even greater incentive to push it's workers onto the government plan. If total payroll is between $350K and $400K then the tax is only 6%, $300 - $350 = 4%, $250 - $300 = 2%, and under $250K = 0%.

This is essentially just another way for government to squeeze more tax dollars out of businesses. While at the same time getting more and more people pushed onto the government plan. I'm sure the job creation that will cause will be fantastic.

Do not be fooled by the new, "do it for Ted (Kennedy)" attitude either. Keep in mind that Kennedy OPPOSED welfare reform under Clinton and Gingrich. He even called it "legislative child abuse".

He was part of "No Child Left Behind" with Bush. Teachers now complain that they have to teach students specifically based on passing this test. I'm not going to launch a personal attack on his character there are plenty of others that will waste their time with that. I will admit that as a MA resident I won't miss him as one of my senators. Good thing he stopped Deval from being able to appoint himself. I'll see you at the special election on Jan. 19th.

As for health care I could go on and on about different problems in this bill but it would take forever and this is a blog, not a book. Remember we will be stuck with this bill once it passes. After Stimulus, Cap and Trade, Cash For Clunkers, and TARP, not to mention all the "pork" in the various bills in recent years are you really ready to trust the same congress responsible for the failures mentioned above with taking over our health care system?

They can call me an extremist if it makes them feel better. If you're reading this blog regularly then you're probably an extremist in their eyes also. Unlike those who would criticize me everything I've said above is a matter of fact. What have I said that's extreme here? Hitler also described his critics as "extremist". Who proved to be the real extremist? Having opposing views of others, especially critical views of government, doesn't make you an extremist...........it makes you an American.


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