A Letter From Al Franken. Also What I Would've Done To Settle This Election

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear MoveOn member,


Al Franken was just officially declared the next U.S. senator from Minnesota! And he sent a personal note to MoveOn members in the wake of his victory (see below).

Will you join me in sending Senator-elect Franken the biggest, happiest congratulations card ever? As he heads to Washington to fight for progressive change, let's make sure he knows we've got his back.

Click here to add your name to Senator-elect Franken's card:


And here's the personal message Senator-elect Franken sent last night to MoveOn members:

What a day! I just wanted to take a moment amidst all this to say thank you to the MoveOn members in Minnesota and across the country.

Paul Wellstone understood that real change comes from the ground up. And there's really no better example of that than MoveOn.org.

You've been there for me since the beginning. And I look forward to working with you as a U.S. senator to make the progressive vision we all share into a reality: affordable health care for all, new jobs from clean energy, and an economy that works for everyone.

Thank you for all you do.

Senator-elect Al Franken

If you'd like to sign our massive congratulations card to Senator-elect Franken—and maybe even add a personal message to Al—just click here:


Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Joan, Marika, Peter and the rest of the team


Of course I added a personal message to Al Franken: "Personally I liked only paying 99 senators to accomplish nothing. Adding another do nothing senator is no reason to celebrate. It's just like paying a few more bucks on a household bill without any change in service."

Sorry Al but everyone knows voter fraud is the only reason you won this election. Remember how mad Democrats were at Bush in 2000 over Florida? Well the suspicions surrounding Al Franken's election are even more blatant than Florida ever was for Bush. Remember the evidence used against Franken that led to the election results being indecisive until yesterday? This is one case where the election should have literally been thrown out and started over.

A special election could have been held throwing out the suspicious results. Sure it would have been inconvenient but if the special election was closely monitored and there were strict practices in ensuring 1 vote to each LEGAL voter I'm sure most honest voters who want legitimate elections results wouldn't mind having a do over. That sounds like it would have been a much better idea where few could argue, except Franken of course. Aren't you getting tired of elections being decided in the courts?


BLEdsa09 said...

It's not a democracy if there are legitimate questions of potential voter fraud. Think of Iran.

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