Nanci Pelosi Seems Worried

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nanci Pelosi has given some instructions to Democratic lawmakers about what they should talk about over the July 4th recess.

The major themes she wants to be discussed are healthcare, stimulus, and the energy bill (now being called the "green jobs" bill by most of it's supporters). This should prove to be a tough sell.

Many are still weary of the government taking control of our healthcare system. The stimulus plans, (Bush's and Obama's), were never supported by much of the public. Also the more people seem to learn about this energy bill the lower support for it will be. Of course that won't matter to Congress since they've already passed it in the house and are likely to pass it in the Senate as well.

The public is already fed up with all of the "pork" coming out of Washington. John Boehner has been doing all he can to expose the waste in this bill. If there's one thing the public has been paying attention to in recent years it's the waste coming out of Congress. When money begins to disappear out of the public's pockets due to this bill then the public will be far less interested in hearing about all of the "green jobs". You can't keep talking about created or "saved" jobs with any credability if unemployment continues to rise.


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