Even When Obama Talks Progress In Iraq The "Progressives" Remain Unhappy

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is interesting. Obama gives a speech praising the Iraqi takover of many sections of Iraq. However, it seems that the "progressives" (aka ultra liberal), aren't happy about. Read this article about why the progressive left aren't as happy about Iraq as Obama is. This article will drive anyone with common sense nuts.

They want countries like Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the U.N. (useless nations) more involved in Iraq. Yeah, get Iran more involved in what goes on in the Iraqi government that sounds like a good idea. Here are some more points to think about as you read this article: 1. They claim that more Iraqis have died in the Iraq war than during 35 years of Saddam Hussein rule. Of course they don't mention that Saddam was killing mostly innocent people while the U.S. and coalition troops have killed mostly radical terrorists loyal to Saddam. 2. Talking about Maliki the Iraqi president: "He's built a countrywide patronage system to bribe and pay off tribal allies, in anticipation of 2010 elections." However Acorn under investigation of fraud in over 30 states are A OK to be involved in the 2010 census. 3. "Maliki is dependent on the good will of Iran, who could topple him instantly if he crossed Tehran." All I have to say about this is that Iran can't topple Malaki in Iraq if Obama stands by his own campaign statements that if Iraq does begin to fall apart he will use troops to restabilize Iraq.

Remember, John McCain criticized Obama on the campaign trail for saying that if we ended the Iraq war and pulled our troops out we would go back in to help restabilize Iraq. That is why McCain, I voted for neither of them by the way, said we shouldn't pull out of Iraq completely because it would be easier to restabilize if a U.S. force remained in the country. Remember the 100 years comment that gave McCain so much trouble from the Obama camp? It seems that the "progressives" are just never happy when it comes to Iraq. They fight against going in. Then they fight staying in. Now it seems they aren't even satisfied with a rather large scaling back of U.S. responsability in Iraq. Since neither Obama or Bush seem to be able to make them happy why should we pay any attention to what they say?


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