Barack Obama's Poll Numbers Plummet

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that Barack Obama is at his lowest approval ratings to date. His approval stands at 53%. More notable though, is what is commonly referred to as the Passion Index. The Passion Index is the difference between the percentage of likely voters who strongly approve and strongly disapprove of the way the president is handling his job. 32% strongly approve and 34% strongly disapprove, giving the president an approval index of -2. This is the first time Obama has dipped below 0 on the scale.

Several political analysts have expected this to happen naturally, as the unpopularity of Obama's policies would eventually catch up to the president's job approval rating. However, as Dick Morris notes here, most Americans still blame Bush for the economy, and that is the only thing keeping Obama's approval ratings reasonably high. Morris also opines two weeks ago that this would happen, and offers analysis of how Obama is popular even though his policies are not.

I would argue that much of this is frustration over the economy, high spending, and in the very short term, the current fight over health care. CBS/NYT released a poll today suggesting that 72% of Americans favor a public option. I would argue that CBS/NYT has their thumbs on the scale again. I would also say that Rasmussen would disagree with them. Now who do you believe, a reputable independent pollster like Rasmussen, or a pollster like CBS/NYT with a clear liberal agenda?

Great analysis in the Green Room as well.


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